Donkeys and Elephants

I went to bed rather late last night, not because of any return watching but simply because I got interested in watching some shows I had DVR’d from the Science Channel and for some reason Ben was not demanding to watch Caillou and let me watch them. So I enjoyed several documentaries about how the universe works, diving to the bottom of the Challenger Deep and a rather disappointing one about the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes – which for reasons I cannot fathom (get it?) did not include the Edmund Fitzgerald, and even an episode of Sherlock. I feel like I have binged on TV and won’t need to watch it again for about a month. I also spent some time text chatting with a friend who has gone through some amazing adventures in recent days, and it gave me an appreciation for people who are amazingly good at what they do and still have time to listen to a radio show every day. 

When I did get to it this morning (6am) I quickly learned that there is “confusion” in Stockton regarding whether or not David “Bob Fillner” Garcia has been hired to be the Stockton City Manager or not. It seems that at the last second yesterday the City Council may have realized that announcing that they had hired a serial Fillner as Manager might not not sit well with three or four last second voters on Measure A/B. So there was no announcement after all last night. I suppose that the big clue should have been when Mayor Silva of Stockton “promised” that there would be an announcement last night, since a Silva promise is a guarantee that it won’t actually happen. But he did send a press release to at least one TV station in which he named Garcia as “one of the most sought after Hispanic City Managers on the west coast.” Which sounds like praise until you realize that what it should have said (with a nod to the President) is “one of the most often fired Hispanic City Managers on the west coast.” So as it stands right now – and this could change rapidly – Stockton has not yet named its new Fillner, I mean City Manager. Now that the Measure A/B results are out, the announcement may come soon.

In Modesto, Measure X is trailing by 276 votes. Der Mayor has said that final results could take until Friday, which is typical of Der “It’s Not Off the Table Yet” Mayor. With very light turn out the “slam dunk” turned out to prove that a whole bunch of money and scare tactics aren’t as effective as people who are tired of a city government that is mismanaged and misspending us into oblivion.

It also looks as if Stephanie Burnside may have fallen down and can’t get up to 78 year old Jenny Kenoyer. In normal times you’d have to call that an “upset,” even if its a mild one, but the Councils recent record of mismanagement and misspending us into oblivion may have worked against the incumbent Burnside would was often seen as leaning towards serving the Public Sector Unions at the expense of the taxpayer. I have no real idea what Kenoyer will do differently, but I have long believed that circulating and new blood is better than stagnant and old blood. which – as metaphors go- seems a little out of sorts on this one, but you get the idea. In District 2 Tony Madrigal is ahead, and for my money he seemed to be the “most together” of the three D2 Candidates. Longtime candidate Bill Zoslocki may finally get his seat on the council, hopefully bringing some fiscal sanity and accountability to the Council.

In Virginia the McAuliffe victory by the slimmest of margins has to have GOP elites asking themselves if spurning the Tea Party was worth it? Last cycle the GOP spent some $9 Million on the race, this time a mere $3 Million. It’s odd that just last week we were talking about how many people in this country “politically align” themselves with the Tea Party and with the President. The Virginia results pretty much show that, and maybe that will convince the GOP that the Tea Party Conservatives are the path to victory? Nah… what was I thinking? It certainly has the attention of Democrat strategists who didn’t think that it would be this close.

Oddly enough in New Jersey, the Democrat candidate for Governor, who was blitzed by Chris Christie, had much the same complaints about her Democrat Party and support, calling them out for “selling out” to Christie. It was weirdly appropriate, and for what its worth, she’s right, they did. The question is “Why?”

Turning to more mundane political corruption, the Calderon Clan is in a lot of hot water. But what’s being ignored for some reason is that they didn’t get there by themselves. They had plenty of Democrat Party cooperation with their misdeeds.

In case you forgot, and you probably did, the purpose of Obamacare was to get millions of people on Medicare and Medical.

California has a “wall of debt” roughly $140Billion high. But in Sacramento that means that the “financial picture” is better, so here come the raises for lawmakers – the day after an election, of course.

I have said for years that marijuanians are better off with it illegal. Once it becomes legal, the government will want its cut, and trust me, if cigarettes and gasoline are any indication, they don’t want a small bite. In Colorado the tax on marijuana, as approved by the voters themselves, is now 25%. Now on the one hand taxation is a means of de-incentivizement. But I have a feeling that the pot heads of Denver will find a way to have their toke and skip the tax too.

And this from one of the three States to which I have never been, Maine. A local Ward race went to Jennifer Johnson. She beat her opponent pretty soundly, 126-76, who just happens to be her husband, David Johnson. I wonder who slept on the couch last night? By the way, he’s a GOPer, and she is a Democrat. 


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