Who Ya/What’Cha Voting for & Why?

It’s Election Eve, so we have “Who Ya, What’cha Ya Voting For and Why?” on the Show today. You call me up and tell me who or what you are voting for and why as quickly as you can.

So is this article about the upcoming book on the 2012 Campaign really about the problems Romney had vetting Chris Christie or is more of a hit piece designed to put an end to any Presidential aspirations of Christie in 2016? Clearly Christie didn’t meet up to Romney’s standards, and I too would have a problem with his chronic tardiness (although that seems to be the modern politicians forte), but this sounds more to me like questions that should have been asked of New Jersey voters before they elected him Governor.

I keep saying that Nancy Pelosi is planning on being Speaker again. And trust me, if she is, there will be no failure to ram through her and the President’s agenda. Starting with sweeping legislation to expand Federal Child Care services. So let’s think about this for a second. IF the Government can mandate that you must buy health insurance, what’s to stop the Government from mandating that you must purchase child care?

Congressman Jeff Denham continues his push to pass Immigration reform. This weekend he was in Ceres asking his supporters to call other Congress members to push for the bill he supports. Even the Washington Post is starting to praise the Congressman from CD-10.

The American Psychiatric Association is facing some heat after classifying pedophilia as a “sexual orientation.” Now in fairness they have backtracked from that, claiming that it was “an error” and that it is not an “orientation,” but rather a “preference.” But the bigger issue is why isn’t the APA classifying pedophilia as what it truly is – a crime – instead of a paraphila?

Some years ago, Gary Kreep joined us on a Constitution Thursday (August 9, 2012) and after our discussion I realized that what was needed wasn’t a new revolution, but rather a restoration of the ideas of the revolution. Mr. Kreep went on to run for Judge down in San Diego and won a seat on the bench. Now he is being demoted to traffic court because, in the words of his opponents “often declined to take away a defendant’s 4th Amendment rights against search and seizure — something prosecutors can legally request at various points during the criminal process.” Prosecutors, including his opponent in the election, have begun to boycott his courtroom, leading to his demotion to traffic court. The Defense Attorney’s have no issue with him as a Judge, only the Prosecutors.  So who is here that really has a misunderstanding of the purpose of the legal system, the Judge or the Prosecutors?

You can listen to the Constitution Thursday Episode with Gary Kreep here: [audio http://www.slipperyfish.com:8080/wp/ct_2012/Revolution%20or%20Restoration_.mp3]

Continuing the assault on the Constitution, this is a great example of a story that I usually avoid for the simple reason that it is (a) not sourced and (b) I can’t find anything to source it other than the original two articles, neither of which reference the bill or a reliable source. However, it is is keeping with some of the recent talk from DC about the debt ceiling and the frustration that they have with the idea that anybody – especially the House – could object to raising it. Again, I cannot confirm this story this morning. So this may be simple rumor mongering, but its the kind of thing of which we need to be aware.

In the 2012 Campaign, the Obama crew accused Mitt Romney of killing a woman by firing her husband and depriving them of a living and healthcare. Now Obamacare (he loves that name!) may actually kill a Stage 4 Cancer patient. Will the GOP glom onto that message? (Hint: Not a chance)

At some point we just have to realize that some people are too stupid to have drivers licenses. This truck driver is perusing Facebook when he hits two fire engines and a police car, killing a Police Officer in Arizona. Come on people… pay attention and drive safely.

I’m not sure on what happened in the Miami Dolphins locker room, but it’s pretty clear that there is a lack of leadership AND coaching on that team. The idea that veterans would ever participate in the hazing of rookies that includes “forcing” then to buy expensive gifts is an embarrassment to the league. Now it’s possible, even likely, that this was one or two guys, but the others should have stepped up and put a stop to it immediately. I have no issue with teasing rookies and full team participation in things like dress up days, but stealing and harassment are, well, stealing and harassment. Neither have any place in the workplace.

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