Date Night

Cami and I had “date Night” on Saturday and went to catch “Last Vegas” since the people I trust were split on whether or not “Enders Game” was good or not. I have to tell you, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a well done story. Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro are the main protagonists, but Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline steal the show. It’s a funny movie and a tear-jerker. Most of all it’s a reminder of what I say every day about reminding the people that matter to you that you love them. Sometimes things come between us, but that should never be a reason to forget friendships. I highly recommend the movie and tell you that there is no nudity, and very limited language, and even then it’s in the context of remembering a single incident as kids. Kline and Morgan are worth the ticket, Douglas and De Niro will remind you what friendship really means. I imagine I’ll still see “Enders Game,” but this was just what I needed. We followed the movie with dinner at a local Indian restaurant as Cami loves Indian food. I’d never had it before, and I have to say it was really good and we now have another “favorite” restaurant in town.

She also explained to me that what she wanted for her birthday (next month) was a Kuerig Machine. For those of you not up on your latest and greatest technology, the Keurig is a single cup of coffee brewing machine that takes about 10 seconds to make a cup of coffee. So I bought her one yesterday, since what she was really saying was “I want this today.” It works good and I am drinking my coffee produced by the machine as I type this. I am an old traditionalist, but I can deal with this machine. As long as it keeps giving me coffee, that is.

Most of ya’ll know that I am an Egyptian History fan, so this latest scientific discovery about Tutankhamen, King Tut as most people know him, is pretty cool. It seems that he burst into flames from a botched embalming job. Now here’s my idea for a movie – a Mummy’s Curse flick where the curse is spontaneous combustion! Seriously, the story of Tutankaten (as he was originally named by his father) is one of the most compelling in history and deserves a good treatment so that people can know him more than as “that guy with all the gold.”

The Obamacare (he loves that name) death spiral is being feared and predicted. It’s unlikely to happen in this manner, as the Government would step in via regulation or legislation and put in place price controls backed by “government guarantees” for the costs involved. That won’t work either, and eventually the chaos and disorganization will lead to formerly rational people calling for single payer.

One of the problems with Obamacare (he loves that name!) is that so few Doctors not forced to by their contracts are signing on to be providers. It’s long been a problem with Medicare, but now, as predicted (by myself and about 100 other Chat Show hosts) the calls have begun to FORCE Doctors to accept Medicare patients. It’s the first step to FORCE Doctors to accept Obamacare (he loves that name!) patients. Please explain to me how this protects liberty?

Todd Zwyicki, over at the Volohk Conspiracy (a legal nerds blog site) has a fascinating post digesting the Wall Street Journals article (here) saying that the Presidents remarks about “substandard” health insurance policies could have been “better parsed.” At the end of the day are those policies really “substandard” or is the Administration just playing word games to justify its actions?

Even NPR is talking about the ratings of Obama falling, but do they address the substance of why his ratings are (and should be) falling?

The City of Stockton has already chosen its next City Manager, but we won’t know who it is for a day or so.


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