Years From Now…

Years from now when our children and grandchildren look back on the likes of the now departed Nancy Pelosi, they are going to wonder why anybody listened to them, believed them or ever voted for them. She continues to insist that Obamacare will give us “expanded choices,” and “better coverage.” The reality is much different as the top hospitals in America are refusing to accept the plans that Obamacare provides. Yep, someday our descendants are going to look at us the way we look at the idiots who thought Dred Scott was fine and dandy.

Well gosh and golly gee! All those people screaming about deficits, well, they’re just wrong you know. Deficits are “shrinking.” Now that “debt,” thingee? It’s still rising, but hey, the deficits are going down and that means all those people worried about it are just plain old wrong!

Stephen Frank has a legitimate question, why did Al Jazeera, and only Al Jazeera, get the leaked affidavit on Senator Calderon? He blames the FBI, but I’m not sure. What does the FBI gain? Now Steve’s theory is that it gives Al Jazeera legitimacy, but frankly (ahem) I think it’s going to take the actual takedown of a political type of some greater significance than a California Senator to do that. The National Enquirer had to take down a major Presidential Candidate to gain any legitimacy, and even today I doubt that most people head over to the Enquirer for anything other than the latest “true” news about the UFO’s taking Elizabeth Taylors body to Mars for reanimation. I get Steve’s point, but as far a distractions go, this is not going to be even a blip on the national scene. The other side of this is it was all going to come out anyway. So is it possible that the Administration leaked it to give Al Jazeera “legitimacy?” It’s possible, but why not leak them something of national significance and oh, by the by, not against a fellow Democrat?

The single biggest medical insurance company providing plans in California is Anthem Blue Cross. If the same rate of changes effect ABC as have effected other California Insurance providers, an additional 380,000 people may be getting cancellation letters. In all nearly a million Californians could lose their coverages. But don’t worry, it’s not Obamacare’s fault, it’s the cheap horrible planes these idiots bought from evil insurance companies. Now they can go on the exchange and get bigger and better coverage!

The Health and Human Services Secretary can’t say how many people have enrolled in Obamacare, but that’s just “Government as usual.” The State of California is getting ready to renew its Plastic Bag Recycle Law, even though there is no data as to whether it’s actually working or not…

Are you surprised that the Photocopier/scanners purchased by the State of California to reduce the use of paper are not compatible with the computer systems the State has? If you are, why?

As much as Louis Lerner may deserve it, the likelihood is that she will ever be held accountable or responsible for giving confidential data to the FEC is, in round numbers, zero.

I guess that it wouldn’t be Bob Dies’s last day in office if we media types didn’t rehash the incredibly poor fiscal management and mistakes that were made leading to the bankruptcy of Stockton. Not that it’s his problem anymore…

Ben has been using our smartphones for well over a year. From games to Youtube to making $35 worth of purchases on my iTunes account that I left open by mistake. He’s pretty smart.

The man who once blew up a whale on an Oregon beach (it really happened) has passed away.

If your Dell Laptop smells like cat pee, it’s okay. It just smells like it, it’s not really cat pee.

When your insane girlfriend wants McDonalds, she wants McDonalds. NOW!

Top 5 Halloween Trick or Treater Costumes We Saw Last NIght

The Hulk




Bumble Bee


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