Day 305 of the Year Twenty & 13

On this day…

In 1512 the Sistine Chapel opens after Michelangelo finishes his masterpiece. Reviews are mixed.

In 1604 Shakespeare’s “Othello” opens in Whitehall. Reviews are mixed.

In 1611 Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” opens, again in Whitehall. Reviews are better, but recipients are disappointing.

In 1755 Lisbon, Portugal is destroyed by an Earthquake and Tsunami. Somewhere between sixty and ninety thousand people perish in the event.

In 1765 the British Parliament enacts the Stamp Act against the American Colonies. Colonials take to the streets in protest. Eventually Parliament is forced to rescind the act.

In 1800 President John Adams gets a late birthday present as he becomes the first US Chief Executive moves into the White House.

In 1861 President Lincoln appoints Major General George B. McClellan as Commander of the Union Army, replacing the Retiring General Winfield Scott.

In 1896 National Geographic Magazine publishes the first photograph a bare breasted woman. Hugh Hefner sees it and thinks, why not MORE of this rather than just one picture?

In 1911 the first airplane bomb is dropped in the Italian-Turkey War.

In 1914 the Royal Navy suffers a massive disaster at the Battle of Coronel when the HMS Monmouth and HMS Good Hope, manned mainly by reservists, are sunk in combat.

In 1938 Seabiscuit wins his big race.

In 1946 the New York Knicks win the first Basketball Association of America – later the National Basketball Association- game played against Toronto. Not much has changed since then.

In 1951 Operation Ivy sees the first US detonation of a hydrogen bomb.

Born this day: 11th Dali Lama (1838); Stephen Crane (1871); Larry Flynt (1942); Lyle Lovette (1957); Fernando Valenzuela (1960)


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