The Potty Blues

The last few days have been exhausting. We have been working on Ben’s potty training for months. That’s right, months. He is, as it turns out, terrified of toilets. I don’t mean nervous or unsure around them, I mean terrified. Even the little potty training ones scare him. So if I seem snappy and short today, I apologize in advance.

There are some occasions when appealing to the Supreme Court is a stupid move. In this case, a school district was told that banning “I Boobies” bracelets worn by some high school students – ostensibly to promote breast cancer awareness – was a violation of the 1st amendment. The School Board voted 7-1 to spend the money to appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

Getting scared on Halloween is adrenalin rush which, as it turns out, may be good for you.

All the Kids (and the Modesto Bee) agree that we should care about the NSA violating the 4th Amendment as much as the French do!

Recent fines by the FPPC are interesting attempts to slap the hands of those who seek to make an end run around State campaign finance laws. The drawback is that the fine are really nothing more than fundraisers. Like cell Phone Tickets, the fines aren’t enough to prevent or even discourage future offenses.

The Godfather riffed on this pretty well yesterday, but the amazement that some conservative “intelligentsia” couldn’t see Obama for what he is is still pretty amazing.

Uh-oh. Because of Obamacare College Professors are… having to work more. “I understand that colleges don’t have money to throw around and there’s a larger issue here, but it is frustrating to feel like, that in the face of this legislation designed to help people, that instead it’s hurting people,” said Amy Poff, an adjunct professor who teaches art classes…

Great. The National Library of Medicine (we have one) will be “data mining” Facebook and Twitter data to try and become more forceful in making us change how we live and eat.

Here’s some good news for you, terrorism is up 69% this year with fatalities up 89%! Nearly all of it in PLRI countries and committed by PLRI groups, such as Al Qaeda.

Bondo is upset with the NSA, not for its unconstitutional spying on American citizens, but for getting caught spying on the French and Germans. The NSA is terrified of her and facing her wrath. Again, not for violating Americans 4th Amendment rights, but for spying on French, German and thirty-five World Leaders.

Have you had an “uplifting story about an abortion” today? No? Thank goodness you’ll soon be able to hear about the joy of infanticide!

I keep telling you that Nancy Pelosi has no intention of not being Speaker again. Here’s the proof….

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