Day 303 of the Year Twenty & 13

On This Day…

In 1485 Henry VII is crowned King of England

In 1501 Cesare Borgia throws an orgy which will be known as “The Ballet of Chestnuts.”

In 1806 The French win a battle when more than 5000 Prussian Soldiers surrender to 800 French Troops. I could not possibly make this up.

In 1864 Helena, Montana is founded.

In 1938 Orson Wells broadcasts “War of the Worlds,” the HG Wells story of a Martian invasion. What has been covered up until now is that Wells WAS broadcasting the news of an actual Martian invasion, but the Air Forces denies it claiming that his reports were “just a radio play.”

In 1960 the worlds first successful kidney transplant takes place in England.

In 1961 the Soviet Union detonates its Tzar Bomba, the largest nuclear detonation in history, at 50 Megatons it is actually a scaled down model of a 100 Megaton weapon.

Born this day… John Adams (1735); Martha Jefferson (1748); Admiral William Halsey (1882); Charles Atlas (1892); Kevin Pollak (1955)


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