The Modesto Courthouse Deal Explained in One Sentence

new-top-secretThe new Modesto Courthouse deal-in-the-works is unnecessarily complicated and intentionally obfuscatory. This is on purpose. The last thing the people who will and/or might benefit from this deal want is for “common citizens” who will end up footing the bill for it finding out any of the actual details. If you look at this deal and your eyes kind of glaze over, you’re not alone. It’s complicated and confusing. But understand this simple thing: somebody is going to make a lot of money on the land deal for the new Courthouse. The only argument in all of this is who is that somebody going to be? Secondary to all that money is what is best for the people of Modesto and Stanislaus County. Don’t believe me? The Stanislaus Tax Payer Association requested a copy of the plan for expending tax payer funds to make some of the potential land sellable. Here is the verbatim response from the City of Modesto government:

 “As determined by Community and Economic Development Director Brent Sinclair, the cost estimate for utility removal received by the City from the Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts is exempt from disclosure pursuant to Government Code Section 6255(a) because the public interest in withholding the information outweighs the public interest in disclosure in that disclosure will prejudice City’s ability to negotiate the price and payment terms of the acquisition and sale of real property. “

Understand this simple thing: YOU, the tax payer of Modesto, will pay for these improvements. The Public interest is “outweighed” by the need for secrecy in a deal to fix up some land to sell to developers.

Now do you see why they MUST have Measure X? Why they MUST have more and ever more of YOUR money? It’s not for more Cops and Firefighters. Just hand it over and “trust them” to take care of it for you.

The ongoing State Senator Calderon scandal has a new character involved in a scheme to make himself, the Calderons and their friends a good piece of tax payer money by first creating and then hiring themselves to “fix” the problem that they created in the first place. Now, who has the power to create such problem? You, no doubt, guessed that would be none other than Speaker of the Assembly John Perez.

The Obamacare (he loves that name) fiasco continues as a little noticed and (so-far) not really reported change to the law was issued late Wednesday by the Administration. The February 14th (or 15th) deadline to avoid the penalty tax, has now been moved back to March 31st. Unofficially it is an acknowledgement that that problems with the roll out have been really bad. Meanwhile people are starting to realize that what the “Affordable Care Act” calls “benefits” are actually nothing more than higher costs for those trying to buy coverage.

I quit supporting the United Way two decades ago when it went into the service provider business while still asking member agencies to help raise funds for its programs. Now we see more of the fruits of that change as in at least one California community the United Way is funding “P21” curriculum in schools. Steven Frank has the best take on this attempt to stop teaching children actual useable skills and replace them with warm fuzzy’s.

So it turns out that it isn’t just France and Germany (and Spain and Mexico) we’re spying on. The former head of Mossad says that we spy on Israel too..

Dianne-feinsteinDespite the push from Bondo and the Democrats, opposition to gun control is at its highest level on record. Maybe it’s because people are finally starting to realize that the government will never protect us from lunatics who manage to break laws and get guns.

Isn’t it odd that the leftist penchant for violent threats never gets mentioned by the likes of latent KKK type Alan Grayson? This may be one of the best pieces ever about the real fear those of us on the right have.

By  the by, the last of the Original Constitution Thursday Episodes are now available in their permanent home. Thanks for your patience and please fee free to enjoy them at your leisure.


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