The Way It Is And Always Has Been

With the way yesterday’s discussion of what is wrong with the Military these days ended, there were a couple of things of note that I didn’t get to before we ran out of time. And we will run out of time today as well. Sheriff Adam Christianson joins us in the 4pm hour, and we’ve got NFL Thursday Night Football, so I better get it said here.

While I appreciate and understand VERY WELL that I “don’t know everything” that happened in those silo’s, I absolutely reject outright that someone else who wasn’t there either but seems to enjoy the process of making some vague and broad claim of insider knowledge (as the caller said he had, with no credentials or sourcing) and making an accusation of the nature he made about the men and women of the military. Without some sort of ironclad proof that the ‘higher ups” ordered them to violate nuclear weapons security and safety, I simply will not permit such characterizations to go on.

Could I be wrong? Maybe, but you’re going to have to prove it beyond a doubt.

No Officer I ever knew or served under would – under ANY circumstances – order me (or anyone else) to violate nuclear weapons security and safety. At one point of my career I – and two other men – sat inside a C4 TRIDENT bird with an armed gas generator beneath us for the simple reason that it would take that risk of our lives to keep from violating those rules. My WEPS was willing to order three of us into that missile before he would allow us to violate those rules. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the risks or that he wasn’t concerned about us. It was that those rules are so inviolate, so ingrained, that the danger was not sufficient to break them.

Keep in mind two things – first I am a nuclear weapons specialist. I know these systems and the 8120 (nuclear weapons manual, and yes, the number has changed since I was in) inside and out. Hell I typed it probably thirty times back in the 1980’s, I could just about recite it in my sleep. I’m sure that there have been changes since then, they seemed to come out weekly back then. But the basic rules don’t and have not changed.

Second, one of those “higher ups,” is Admiral Jonathan Greenert, who is – without any hesitation – one of the three best and finest Officers it was ever my privilege to serve under. You’ll have a very hard time convincing me that he has any part in some AHT to denigrate or degrade the readiness of the military.

Feel free to try, but you will have PROOF before I allow you to air your accusations on my show.

Don’t like it? Go get you own show and accuse the military of misconduct to your hearts content. But not here, not on my show.

These four USAF Officers who failed to maintain proper security and safety of their weapons are an embarrassment, but they proved that the system works. Men who are not up to the task will always be found lacking when the light is shined on them. The service will be better off without them, and the nations nuclear defenses more effective and secure without them. They didn’t have what it takes.

Sadly they have brought dishonor and embarrassment on their service, but – this is critical – they do not represent the service as a whole. They are the aberration and the exception to the rule of honor and service. They failed to live up to their honor and their word.

It’s really that simple.


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  1. As a Navy wife (hubby was MMCMSS) for 10 years active duty I will stand witness to what Dave says.


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