It’s Not “Just a Penny…”

I live on a side street that has become a well known “short cut” around the traffic and lights on the main thoroughfare around our part of town. To make it more interesting, we have a blind ninety degree turn on our street (which is rather wider than the norm), where drivers speed through and cut the corner – again it’s a blind corner, you simply cannot see around it – at far more than the posted 25 mph speed limit. Making things worse, on one side of the blind corner lives another family with a three year old boy, and I am on the other side. Children walk on our street to the nearby Elementary School and this morning, what with the changes in the daylight patterns because of the oncoming winter months, a large (and unnecessarily loud) pickup truck went barreling around the blind corner only to find another driver coming the other way and a group of kids on the sidewalk. Nobody was hurt, in fact the collision was barely avoided. But now Ben is having a meltdown because of the screeching brakes and screaming kids. Why is it that people ignore side street neighborhood speed limits? Who’s kid has to get hurt or killed before the local Police and/or City Council will listen to our complaints? The easiest solution is to put in speed bumps. If drivers have to slow down for those, the street loses its appeal as a “short cut.” In any case, it’s been a bit of a stressful morning because of two stupid drivers who don’t even live here and don’t give a (bleep) about our kids and property.

One of the drawbacks to cooking your books and claiming that you are “in the black,” is that the people to whom you owe money hear about it and come running. In this case, the State is full of crap when it claims it is running a surplus, since the only way it is doing that is by not paying its bills to the Counties, who are now knocking on the door and saying “Where’s the $17 Million you owe us?”

The Federal Government reached into the pockets of citizens and removed $6.4 Million to fund a program to “re-train” migrant workers and seasonal workers, particularly those in the agricultural services, for “green jobs. “The grant was awarded to La Cooperativa Campesina de California to provide employment and retraining services to migrant and seasonal farm workers throughout California. Training in the green efficient and renewable energy sectors, allied health fields, industrial maintenance, and retail trade/services will help these workers develop the skills they need to compete for new job opportunities…”

Does it matter if the President was “blindsided” by the failure of the Obamacare (he loves that name!) website? First off, he’s the boss. If he was blindsided it’s his own fault. Second, it has his name on the thing. Shouldn’t he have been a little more concerned about it working? Or is there some deeper reason why he doesn’t really care if it works or not?

Need food stamps? Have a computer? Just jump on Craigslist and voila! You can get’em!

The Air Force says that “security wasn’t violated” when Officers twice left the blast doors open in the Minot AFB silos. That is incorrect. Security was in fact, violated. even a cursory reading of the Nuclear Weapons Safety and Security Manual reveals.

Then again, who needs “security” procedures when you have a staffer in the National Security Advisor’s Officer tweeting leaks for the whole world to see?

The San Joaquin Board of Sheep has run afoul of Lodi Wineries who are now fighting back. The Wineries are looking to put an initiative on the ballot to override the BOS and allow them to continue having marketing events.

So what happens if the State/Feds continue to raise the minimum wage to the point where it make financial sense for the business to automate? “Well,” you say, “what about food service? There’s no way to automate that!” Or… is there?

Why would John Coupal be surprised that nine GOPers betrayed taxppayers and supported AB8? With the complete Democrat majorities, it wouldn’t matter if they even showed up (except if they didn’t they’d lose the $143/day per diem). But they want to be re-elected too, so why not suck up to monied interests that they figure they can’t (and don’t want to) stop anyway?

For reasons that continue to baffle me, Jay on I-5 accused me of having my math “wrong” on the amount of days I would have had to work to pay the additional 1% Sales Tax on our car if Measure X had been in effect. So, we paid roughly $24,000 for the car. One percent of that is $240. Divide that by the amount I get paid and you get 16.666 hours or basically 2.5 work days. That is the amount of labor I would have to put in to make up that additional 1% on a simple car purchase. Granted, my wife would have had to “only” work for four hours or so to do the same thing, but the point is that multiple hours of MY additional labor is required to give Der Mayor and the Chancellery more money. Since my pay is more in line with the median and average for the valley than is my wife’s, you get the picture – this “it’s just a penny” line, is a load of crap.


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  1. David I see you still have that dominant Bowman ‘I have to buy red cars’ gene.


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