If Not Now, When?

If not now, when? – Hillel

I was doing my Torah study last night when I came across this famous gem from one of the greatest Rabbi’s of all history. He was in the process of addressing the idea that all moments are critical, and what G-d has tasked for a specific moment in time simply cannot be put off until later. For if we do what was meant for yesterday today, when will today get done?

Because of who and what I am, I immediately drew the parallel between the recent political excuses and the Rabbinic Master. “Trust us,” say the GOPers, “When we win the Senate in 2014 we’ll fix this.” In the meanwhile, the moment that was clearly given to them to stop it, passed without action. If now now, when?

The simple truth of the Torah lesson was that every moment has its purpose. It could be as simple as eating or sleeping or chatting with a friend. And it could be the moment when I can change the world. But if I fail to fulfill the moment, there may never be another chance.

I was reminded of how important what I and others do yesterday when my good friend Doug Johnson wrote in his blog about the opportunity we have to change the hearts and minds of people each and every day. It is an honor and privilege, but even more it’s a responsibility, given by G-d, to take the time each and every time I stand behind that microphone to understand the importance and meaning of what I been called to do.

What will we do together today to change the world?

Here come the scare tactics. The threat of Stocktonization grows almost daily as the desperate statists scramble to grab more and more of your money. Der Mayor says that Measure X requires Citizens to “trust the Council” and if they aren’t happy, just vote them out. In the meanwhile, the threat hangs in the air, give them money… or else…

Some of you are joking about the Obamacare (he loves that name) fiasco and the Democrats blaming it all on GOP and Bush. I’m telling you, it no joke. They ARE blaming the Republicans for the Obamacare (he loves that name) rollout fiasco.

Meanwhile Kaiser-Permenente is killing the policies of 160,000 Californians who were promised that if they liked the plan they could keep it. Why? The policies being cancelled don’t meet the minimum requirements of Obamacare (he loves that name). The new policies will provide the required (better?) coverage, at a significant cost to the taxpayers who will have to subsidize the new policies.

The Presidents choice to head the Federal Reserve might be another Nixonian error. she is seen as soft on inflation, seemingly willing to accept a 2% rate of inflation. The Banks are now sitting on $2.2 TRILLION in “excess reserves” with no economic activity to soak that up. We’re are so about to go under…

The High Speed Rail Project is now “pausing” (you know, because construction is right on schedule, according to the CEO) to look for historical artifacts that might be in the way of the Choo-Choo Train.


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