“We’ll Stocktonize You!”

Over the weekend the Modesto Bee came out with a rather well stated anti-Measure X position. Even the Bee has realized that the wasteful, bloated spending of the City Council cannot be solved by just raising taxes “a penny.” At least one City Council member took to the Bee’s site to threaten “Stocktonization” of Modesto if we don’t give him his tax increase, but really, if the Council is planning to go bankrupt over the loss of a tax after their antics and misspending, it simply proves that what people think of them as bumbling puppets controlled by the City Manager is true.

This is some really cool news, MJC has added a new observatory and planetarium. (Just don’t try to express your freedom of speech inside, it’s not in the “Free Speech Zone…”)

There are those who have come to think that Jerry “Brows” Brown is a Republican’s Best Friend. Seriously. I suppose that “victories” are where you can spin them, eh?

Did you know that 20% of cigarettes smoked in California are smuggled? Proposed solution? Raise taxes by $2 a pack more!

If your State has a ban on gay marriage, you can kiss it good bye. The ruling that New Jersey “must” recognize gay marriage is going to reverberate around the nation quicker than a Kardashian selfie. Stand by for a flood of suits to be filed in the next days and weeks.

Shocker here – the effects of AB 109 are essentially eviscerating any semblance of actual “punishment” in the Judicial system. The Counties are blaming the State, who in turn points its finger back at the Counties. And in any case, we know that (a) this is going to cost the State and Counties even more money and (b) crime rates are going up and (c) insurance costs are sure to follow.

France is upset over the NSA spying allegations. This is a tough one. On the one hand, there’s my hatred of the violation of the 4th amendment and the overreach of the NSA and government in general. On the other hand, it’s the French…

Speaking of the French, the Oprah is upset after finding out that Obama wasn’t going to keep his word to bring her into his “confidence” (whatever that means). One has to wonder what would have happened in 2012 if the Obamacare (he loves that name!) had gone into effect 10/1/2012?

The California National Guard got screwed up and started improperly approving loans and payments to Soldiers, who – as far as I can tell – did nothing wrong and upheld their end of the agreement. Now the Soldiers are having wages garnished and payments withheld.


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