The Gunderson Side Step

John Gunderson is a Modesto City Councilman who is probably best remembered for trying to keep two paying Elected jobs at the same time. He is also a great example of a politicians who can “Do a Little Side Step.”

After proudly announcing that he would personally be in a classroom at the Stanislaus Military Academy, he announced twenty-four hours later that he had “distanced myself” from the school after a front page story outlining the allegations of misconduct in the very classroom of which he was so proud of teaching. 


Gunderson is also one of the most ardent supporters of the Magical Measure X, going so far as to assure us that if it doesn’t pass (comment section), Modesto will “end up like Stockton.” Presumably because he – as a City Councilman – will make sure that spending is not controlled and results in a bankruptcy.


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