More GOP Victories!

On Friday I spent too much of my copious free time listening to two well intentioned but clearly delusional Republicans explain to me at great length how the GOP had won “a great victory” over Harry Reid and the Democrats last week. Lest you think that I was kidding, read this NY times article praising the state of California as an “example” of bipartisanship and effective government, with none of the bickering and gridlock we see in Washington going on here. 

So impressed by this explanation of how wonderful the new legislature is that one of our local State Republicans who co-authored the bill to allow Illegal Immigrants to get drivers licenses, sent it out in a presser this weekend. The article takes great pain to show how well this works in California and holds us up as a model for the rest of the nation.

What the article does NOT mention (or even hint at) is the veto proof super majority of Democrats put in place by Prop 11 which the GOP – for reasons that still baffle me – decided to support even though a lump of cabbage could see what was coming if it passed.

So what the NY Times is really saying is that the “model” for the rest of the nation is to have the Democrats control the House, Senate and Presidency, with a veto proof majority in both houses. 


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