Friday = Subs, Sharks, Spiders and Top 5

I suppose that in the world there are dirt bags everywhere who will steal from their own mothers, but I get particularly ticked off at people who mismanage and/or steal from Veterans. In this case a couple of illegal contracts that, no doubt, gave a good number of kick-backs and “bene’s” to the idiot that finally got caught.

Back in the day, the Soviet Union figured that the best way to deal with old retired nuclear powered submarines was to let the rot pier side. The K-159 was one of the (many) one boat classes of boats the Soviets built in a futile attempt to keep up with American boats. When they were done with her in the late 80’s the basically just left him at the dock and let the rust take over. By the mid 90’s she was so rotted that four floatation tanks had to be welded to her hull to keep her afloat. The problem? The tanks were just as poorly maintained as the boat. Eventually they decided to haul it out and sink it, but in a sad story she foundered on the tow when the float tanks failed, nine Russian sailors died when they went down with him. Now it turns out the damn thing is leaking radioactive waste. Why is it that Liberals are so fascinated with a monolithic dictatorship that simply does not care about the issues that Liberals love? The lesson of K-159 (and many, many more) is that it isn’t about caring about the Earth, or being fair or anything other than absolute power. Meanwhile, thanks to Communism, the oceans are being polluted unnecessarily.

Nothing will ever change if all we ever get is the same incumbent politicians and the retread opponents.

Always beware your drunk, naked girlfriend. She’ll bash in your windows…

Ottawa is desperately trying to figure out why Canada stinks.

.A “sunshine story” involves a blind chicken getting CPR from its owner… and surviving!

Oh, you whacky Halloween fun people. Always trying to look as real as possible!

Toyota has recalled 870,000 cars. For spiders.

Best understatement of the day: “Maybe we shouldn’t have done this…

Summer Reading Plans?

Shark biologists attempt to ruin an impending sequel to the amazing “Sharknado” by “explaining” what sharks really do in a storm (hint: it’s boring).

Top 5 Things Ben Has Said in the Last 24 Hours:

1 – “I Love you the most!”

2 – “Mom said it was okay” (she’s at work)

3 – “Hey Dad, isn’t this is a really great idea!”

4 – “Bleeeeee! Glick! Bleeeeee!”

5 – “That Sam I Am, I do not like that Sam I Am.”


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