Day 291 of the Year Twenty & 13

On this Day…

In 320, Pappus of Alexandria observes a solar eclipse. He actually writes it down and ponders its meaning, which causes noted “archaeologist” Jim Turner to “interpret” what he meant and to write a book and a website asking for “donations” so that he can “research” the impending Alexandrian Apocalypse. Turner follows that up with a mysterious trip that might be to the “Marshall or Solomon Islands” but in any case is to to a far away ancient city requiring a three day boat ride to reach but that looks surprisingly a lot like Alexandria…

In 1009 Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah hacks the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem down to its foundations.

In 1851 Herman Melville publishes, “Moby Dick.” You can call me Ishmael. The original title is “The Whale.” Focus groups are brought in and after their input the title is changed.

In 1867 The United States takes possession of Alaska, purchased from Russia for $7.2 Million. Yep. That’s it.

In 1898 The United States takes possession of Puerto Rico after kicking Spain’s ass.

In 1954 the first transistor radio is introduced.

In 1967 the Soviet probe Venera 4 reaches the planet Venus. It’s luggage goes to Minneapolis.

Born this day: Matthew Henry (1662); Chuck Berry (1926); George C. Scott (1927); Peter Boyle (1935); Dawn Wells (1938); Lee Harvey Oswald (1938); Huell Howser (1945); Pam Dawber (1951)


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