The Altar of Winning

Grant High School loves its football team. In fairness, I was into football at my High School(s) too, I still keep track of both the Pueblo South Colts and the Ogden Tigers. But Grant Line is proud of its Offensive Line, which – in high school – weigh in between 300 and 400 pounds each, and are shooting for a 23rd straight playoff appearance. That’s right, they love winning at Grant High.

And while the entire nation led by the First Lady worry themselves sick over the obesity of youth, the only negatives brought to light in this article is how some of the players felt bad about themselves because of their size, until that is, they discovered football and the joys of winning and how there is an advantage to being titanic.

Odd isn’t it? The same paper that will (on the same day) run a story about the study that too many teens are drinking too many sugary drinks that need to be taxed to discourage their consumption will make no real mention (or judgment) about the damage and danger to these young men whose future is being potentially scarified on the altar of winning high school football.


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