Day 290 of the Year Twenty & 13

On this day…

In 539 bce, Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin. Cyrus the Great takes Babylon and free the Jews from 70 years of Capitivity.

In 1091 What is later estimated to be an F4 tornado strikes London. England. London Bridge is wiped out and later moves to Arizona.

In 1604 Johannes Kepler observes a Super Nova in the constellation Ophiuchus.

In 1660, Karma proves to be a bitch as the nine men who signed the death warrant for King Charles I are themselves hanged, drawn and quartered.

In 1777 the American Colonials defeat the British at Saratoga, New York.

In 1781 Lord Cornwallis officially surrenders to Washington at Yorktown.

In 1814 London is struck by the London Beer Flood, which – surprisingly – is exactly what it sounds like, drowning at least seven known victims.

In 1907 Marconi’s Wireless Company begins providing service.

In 1931 Al Capone is convicted of tax evasion.

In 1933 Albert Einstein flees Nazi Germany for the United States.

In 1956 Donald Byrne and Bobby Fisher meet in the “Game of the Century.”

In 1973 OPEC begins it’s Oil Embargo on the United States. At Eagleton Elementary School in Denver, my Science teacher, Mr. Dodge, goes on an epic rant about he will “never pay $0.60 for a gallon of gas!” He announces that his planned vacation to California is cancelled and he will personally strike back at OPEC by not buying gasoline until the price returns to normal. As far as I know he still rides the bus to work.

Born this day: John Wilkes (1725); Rita Hayworth (1918); George Wendt (1948); Mike Judge (1962); Norm McDonald (1963)


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