More Effective Than Spending $52 Billion?

Oddly enough it turns out that the “most expensive public works project ever proposed,” the Delta Tunnel, is – by the States own analysis – completely unnecessary. The Department of Water Resources has issued reports already showing cheaper, more effective methods of both securing the water supply and meeting environmental requirements. So why the tunnels? Who actually benefits from them?

After basically four GOP Senators grew a pair and stood up, the rest of the GOP has caved. They will get NOTHING from this “deal,” but there will be pressers galore about what a great bunch of bipartisan group of guys they are. The path to destruction continues with no one willing to stand up and stop it or t least slow it down. 

The sort of a shutdown of the Government has left one NorCal family struggling to find help to find their missing relative in Taiwan.

In Stockton, crime is up, jails are full, but arrests are down. Luckily the Police Chief has a “Marshall Plan” for crime, which does not involve more jail space, and he’ll tell you all about it as long as you don’t believe that he is advocating for Measure A/B.

The regulations put out by the government for Obamacare (he loves that name!) are thirty times longer than the actual law (which comes in at roughly 950 pages). Just contemplate that for a few moments… I’ll be here when you get done…

A Fresno PR firm has won a contract to represent the High Speed Rail system for just the Merced – Bakersfield run of the line. Problem? The Judge told the HSRA that they couldn’t spend the money. They did it anyway.

The downside of higher deductibles and Out of Pocket expenses under Obamacare (he loves that name!)? Doctors are demanding the ENTIRE deductibles up front. In fairness, this isn’t necessarily a new policy. UCSF required my wife and I to pony up $12,000 three days before her surgery three years ago. But now we’re seeing Doctors offices ask for a $1000 and more before seeing a patient.

It’s my pet NBA rules theory* in action – why have a State Constitution if we’re not going to follow it? And who will be held accountable for ignoring it? (Hint: Nobody).

The practice of “libel tourism” is about to come to a jarring end. Why? Because eventually even the English can be pushed too far by people abusing their legal system by travelling to England to sue people in other countries for libel.

Oh my my, whatever is the NSA doing in the least untruthful manner possible these days? Turns out that they are collecting not only eMails, but address books too…

The US Army has declared the American Family Association a “hate group” and threatened them with discipline if the participate with or support the organizations activities. This is what I was talking about yesterday on the show. We have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to freedom of religion and expression of those beliefs**, but there is no right to not be offended by others beliefs. So which “right” is beginning to win out?

 *Why have a rule against travelling and/or palming the ball if you’re not going to call it because the most popular players in the league all travel and palm the ball?

** You know, it’s in that first amendment thingee…


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