Day 287 of the Year Twenty & 13

On this day…

In 1066, the Army of William the Conqueror defeats Harold II (and they kill him) at the Battle of Senlac Hill.

In 1582, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland skip this day again due to the implementation of the Gregorian Calendar.

In 1656, the Puritans engage in a bit of State-Religion Theocracy when they pass a punitive law against the Quakers, declaring them to be legally apostate and politically subversive.

In 1773, American Colonists burn several East India Tea Ships in Annapolis in protests over tea taxes

In 1884 George Eastman gets a patent on his paper-strip photographic film.

In 1908 the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. It is their last World Series Championship.

1912 Theodore Roosevelt is shot and wounded by John Schrank, a mentally ill saloon keeper. He still gives his speech.

In 1926 Winnie the Pooh is first published.

In 1939 the German U-boat U-47 penetrates the British Naval Base at Scapa Flow and sinks the Battleship Royal Oak.

In 1947 Captain Chuck Yeager flies the Bell X-1 and breaks the sound barrier.

In 1962, a U-2 spy plane spots Soviet missiles on the island of Cuba. It is the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crises.

In 2003, Steve Bartman reaches out and catches a slightly foul ball. The Cubs go on to lose the game and the NLCS to the Florida Marlins. That’s the closest the Cubs have been since 1908…

Born this day…

King James II (1633); William Penn (1644); Dwight D Eisenhower (1890); Roger Moore (1927); Steve Coogan (1965)



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