It’s NEVER Enough Money…

Every now and again I get an extra special reminder of how what John and I do is effecting people’s lives. I received a very nice eMail yesterday telling me about how one listeners son had been encouraged to listen to and later discuss Constitution Thursday… by his teacher. It makes me feel good to know how many were listening and learning. That’s what Constitution Thursday was all about!

Thirty years ago the City of Modesto started “loaning” money to the local Redevelopment Agency. Now the agency is gone, but it leaves behind $130 Million in debts, including $78 Million to the City of Modesto, which, by the by, demands that we hand over $26 Million more of OUR money to them annually. Furthermore, we learn that that the repayment of the debt, will take at least another 25 to 30 years. “Mistakes were made,” is the underquote of the day. Ever more money is the goal, ever more control…

I like the idea of the State of Jefferson, particularly if they actually stand for Liberty, but the problem is that under the Constitution, both Congress AND California have to agree to let them succeed. And that, my dear friends, ain’t gonna happen.

Congressman Paul “I Didn’t Know That Was In The Constitution” Ryan has a new plan for how the GOP can “pivot” away from Obamacare (he loves that name!) and end the standoff – just don’t mention it.

San Joaquin County says “Nope” to an Acampo winery expansion.

Anytime you see an upside-down set of legs stuck in the ground, you should just sort of assume that chicanery is happening…

NPR wants you to know what effect a “default” would have on Old People, China and government pensions, but they miss the fact that there would be not default – assuming it wasn’t intentional. After the Treasury Secretary’s testimony yesterday I am not convinced that this Administration wouldn’t default on purpose.

Governor Brown expanded the people who can perform abortions yesterday. The logic was that there “aren’t enough abortion providers” in the State. Doesn’t that make you shudder just a bit?

So now that the State has finally starting printing cheques for unemployment recipients, they’ve hit another snag. The computers aren’t producing the forms the people need to keep their benefits.

Oakdale’s Measure O – a “general sales tax” wasn’t enough to save firefighter jobs.


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