Catching Up With the Law of the Land

So, yesterday was one of “those” days. You know the kind I mean, one where nothing is terrible wrong, but everything is off kilter and behind schedule. It started when Ben and I both overslept. Usually I awake  very early , and out of bed by 6:30 or 7am at the latest. Ben rarely sleeps past 7:30, but both of yesterday were still sound asleep at 8am. The problem was that I had a 9am Doctors appointment to follow up on my blood pressure/blood sugar issues, and I am one of those people who are pathologically early to everything. So I was already stressing about being late (it turned out I didn’t need to worry), and Ben wanted some extra attention when he finally woke up hearing me scrambling about.

By the time I got caught up with the day, it was 3:04pm and Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was sitting in my studio. Without time for so much as a “how do you do today” monolog, we were off and running.

All day I was worried about a close friend who is going through a rough time and the absolutely stupid crap she’s having to put up with right now and a little frustrated that there was nothing I could do to help. That always makes me edgy, I am a problem solver and I like to be able to at least offer to help, but yesterday it was just not in the cards.

Finally home and back on my medication after almost a week, I hadn’t felt much like eating all day, not a bad thing necessarily, but as I grazed the salad I had purchased for lunch but not eaten, Cami and I worked out the details of paying for kids graduation packages and what not, after a weekend of 18th Birthday celebrations and 1st wedding anniversary for our eldest daughter and son-in-law who are also visiting.

In so many ways, the three hours a day I get to be on the air is a decompression time for me – even though I am sure it doesn’t seem like it to most people.

But it’s a new day, and now we’re seemingly back on a “normal” routine. At least until Ben wakes up in a few minutes.

On to the Issues of the day…

Why is it that we can afford to pay Federal Workers to shut down scenic views, parts of the ocean and local parks, but we can’t find PAID Federal Workers to handle Military death benefits? It is amazing that suring the “shutdown,” Public Broadcasting got almost $500,000… yesterday.

Eight Democrat Congressmen were arrested yesterday on the National Mall (closed?) at the Illegal Immigration (law of the land and you can’t change it?) Rally. It seems that the Gang of Eight weren’t satisfied with simply assembling and speaking, they decided that they also needed to impede traffic and annoy other people who were not allow on the mall (it was closed), but just driving by, by blocking said traffic. Don’t worry, they can afford the bail money.

Odd, isn’t it, that there was not one single question about the Presidents “signature” legislation, Obamacare (he loves that name!) at yesterdays Demand Conference.

Modesto paid out $65,000 last quarter to settle claims and lawsuits. Here’s yet another thing that the Magical & Mysterious Measure X can help pay for!

In California, some 16,000 “families” have signed up for Obamacare (he loves that name!) in the first five days.


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