Some Weekend Notes

There is a special place reserved in hell for NIMBY’s and HOA’s. In this case a bunch of self-inflated windbags are complaining about a wounded Veterans home being made out of… wood! (Gasp!!!!!) The horror!!!

A new poll shows that 52% of Californians want the High Speed Rail project STOPPED. Not delayed, not scaled back. Stopped. Now, using the same logic that the Democrats are using in the Congress, doesn’t that mean that they should fight to the death – including shutting down the entire State – to force it down the peoples throats? Oh, wait… they already are….

I don’t think that I could get lucky enough to live in a world where the Karsdashians were no longer relevant (as if they ever were, other than Bob), In this case, their clothing line has its prices “slashed” at Sears and still nobody buys them. Alas. Trust me, they (the Kardashians) will do what they always do – perform another publicity stunt like have a baby with a stupid name, and then introduce the newest line of crap that has their name on it for their adoring public to buy, making them ever richer and even less relevant to the daily lives of the people who care about them, but sadly they’ll still pay attention to them.

Nancy Pelosi said that we just had to understand that there are no more cuts to be made. Really? Turns out that there are more than just a widows tax free “gift” from the American people that could be cut out of the spending.

One of the coolest things ever, President George Washington finally got his Presidential Library at Mt. Vernon.

Not watching NCAA Division I Football this season in protest over the idiocy of not having a playoff (with the exception of Navy football, of course). But who can not follow the whole Lane Kiffin affair down at USC? What a fiasco, and now they top the whole thing off by firing him and announcing the firing… at 4:30am.


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