MJC Response: “Stop Picking on Us!”

So, by now you already know. The new Powertalk 1360 and 1280 is launched, and at 3pm it will be be “The Dave Bowman Show.”

There are some pretty obvious other changes, including the simulcast of both stations (except for Stockton sports), and the change to Glenn Beck 6am to 9am and America Now with Andy Dean following me from 6pm to 9pm.

Other than the blog page on the website (which won’t be changed until Tuesday, when the birds will be eaten. They are yummy), you can follow the show at @davebowman1360 (Twitter), www.thedavebowmanshow.com and on Facebook. The show eMail address is: dave@thedavebowmanshow.com. Telephone and Text remain the same, 24/7, 565-DAVE

John is still here, he is moving to the producers seat, so he’ll be a lot busier during the show, but he is here.

Meanwhile, on to the normal daily stuff:

Modesto Junior College got their side of the story out over the weekend, and it was what you would expect from the college. It’s all the media’s fault, not theirs. They had “Constitution day” activities that were “positive” and reflected “the campus culture.” But this is all the media fault and why are people picking on the staff and administrators personally? It’s nicer that some people are willing to stand up for the Constitution, but that shouldn’t include picking on them for throwing a guy handing out Constitutions off the campus. It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t their fault. Why are you picking on us? Odd expression of whining from “Pirates,” eh?

At least five people have sent me links to and/or texts about the impending imposition of martial law, on or about 01 October. It’s unlikely – and frankly I am not a believer. It reminds me of the Harold Camping rapture predictions. If you make enough of them (the predictions), eventually one of them might be right. It’s rally not any different than the passionate Nostradamus “scholars” who are convinced that he predicted everything that ever happened, just in French and with mystical language of which only they can make any sense. Is it possible that martial law will be declared on October 1st? Sure. would I bet on it? Not even with your money.

Congressman Cory Gardner wanted to keep his family’s health insurance plan because they liked their Doctor. Guess what happened to his plan?

After the attacks in Nairobi, one has to wonder why the National Park Service – which by the by has a “Women’s Rights National Historic Park” – did a series of videos about the contributions of the PLRI to women’s rights? The attacks in Nairobi are bloodcurdling and horrific, and yet no different than most PLRI terrorist actions. According to a CNN report, some of the PLRI attackers were (are) of American origin.

On an almost daily basis somebody will bring up to me the idea of drug testing for Food Stamp and other welfare recipients. I am of the opinion that under current law and precedents, that will never fly, but back in the 1990’s Clinton signed Welfare reform that was supposed to move people off of the dole and back to work. Under the “draconian cuts” to the SNAP (food stamps) program passed last week by Congress, as many as 350,000 Californians could lose SNAP benefits – IF they refuse to work a minimum number of hours each week.

The Fisker Car Company, the “once glamorous maker of plug-in hybrid cars” is dead. And they died owing the tax payers $168 Million. 

The 49ers got blasted again yesterday, that’s two weeks in a row, and this time at home. The offense looked horrible, and I am not one to dwell on the past, but the Kansas City Chiefs, with Alex Smith, are 3-0. Is the honeymoon over? Is it time to panic yet? The Raiders battle the Broncos tonight on Monday Night Football.

Congrats to the Oakland Athletics for taking the American League West!


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  1. But I like Tom Sullivan…..


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