They’re Coming to America…

An odd occurrence at the Zimmerman trial – that had nothing to do with the actual trial. While watching the proceedings on television, a Marine veteran noticed that one of the Sanford Police Officers appeared to be wearing military ribbons. Not only that, but the ribbons she is wearing are from World War II, and it is quite impossible that she would have earned them or had any right to be wearing them. Military folks have become a bit touchy about and since the Courts don’t seem to want to let Congress do anything about it, self-policing about stolen valor and consequently the Sanford PD was contacted about why this Police Officer would be wearing WWII ribbons (representing medals) that she could not have earned?

The response?

The Sanford PD did not deny that the medals were in fact WWII medals, but instead explained that they had gone to a local Army-Navy surplus store and picked out some “nice ribbons” that seemed “out of date,” assuming that “nobody would notice.” It’s one of those weird cases where the officer(s) involved was not personally responsible per se, but it is just another black eye for the Sanford PD which is already under a microscope and now is on record as being too cheap to design Police ribbons and felt that “nobody would notice” if they just stole the valor and honor of men who fought WWII.

The Sanford PD has said that they will “change” their ribbon system, but I left to wonder why exactly they need one in the first place?

It’s little different to the guy a few years ago who was wearing submarine qualification pin (dolphins) to “honor his friend” who had been a submariner and given them him. Trust me, his friend was dishonored by the wearing of a decoration that had not been earned. I don’t expect everybody to understand this, and I am certain that some will say “So what?” But the simple fact is that it is highly offensive to wear unearned military decorations and badges. Don’t do it.

Thanks to Gubernatorial Candidate Abel “What’s In It For Me?” Maldanado (who was once the Ass. Governor for six months) rolling over on an unbalanced gimmick filled budget in exchange for Prop 14, now other “republicans” (cough, cough) think that it would be just a great idea to have an Open Primary for President. That’s right… for President. On the one hand it’s a pretty stupid idea, but on the other hand the GOP has done a primo job of letting the left pick its nominee anyway…

Well, there ya go, it’s official! California is “getting better!” At least according to Standard & Poor’s. Apparently the “just ignore the actual debt ($127 Billion) and magically things will “get better!”

Unless, of course, you’re talking about our roads, which not only are bad but continue – even after Prop 42 – to get worse!

Did you know that Stanislaus County Government is “the largest and most complex” agency in the County? The Bee feels that means that they should get raises. Oddly enough it doesn’t concern them at all that government is (a) large and (b) complex and (c) getting those raises from people who aren’t getting them…

While the State Legislature continues to work hard to restrict your 2nd Amendment rights, the same group of lawmakers are working just as hard to make actual enforcement of laws by Law Enforcement officials virtually impossible. Even by the Feds (not that they are actually doing anything about illegal immigration). Also, you can no longer dredge for gold here in California.

Think that yesterday’s 108 was hot? Try Death Valley where it was 129 sizzling degrees!

I realize that unlike me, most of you are heathen San Francisco Giants fans. Put that aside for a moment and read the story of Yasiel Puig. I know that you “hate” him because he wears the Blue. Put it aside for a moment and consider the story of what it took for him to be here for you to hate. This story will make you proud of what this nation is and of the men and women who serve her, even if you never grow to like the young star.

Human head transplants are seemingly a thing that is on the way. I have often thought that with my brains and McConaughey’s body, we could do some great things…


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