Tuesday (12/04)

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a steaming mound of sarcasm and gallows humor but that doesn’t make the basic point of what I have come to believe incorrect. Simply that I have  built up a defense mechanism to deal with the inane *schtuff* that now passes for our political system. And while it is from both sides, today’s inanenessessivness comes from the Democrat Party.

Keep in mind that the Dems “targeted” several Congressional races here in California, poured millions of dollars into them and indeed, won all except one of them, CD-10, with ex-Astronaut Jose Hernandez losing to ex-Farmer Jeff Denham. In other words, the one guy who managed to lose despite everything the Democrat Party could do to help him – everything short of giving him an actual personality. He lost despite of the Democrat Party aid and support, and while I am frankly happy about that, I also believe very firmly that stagnate blood in government is worse than opposition blood in government.

So, again, let me be clear. In a race in a year when ALL the Dems won, Hernandez lost. Badly. You can argue that Denham was an incumbent or that Hernandez was too much an outsider, et al, but the numbers don’t bear that out.

In fact, in Stanislaus County, which Obama WON by 4000 votes, Hernandez got fewer votes than Obama and DiFi, while Denham got more than either. That means that roughly at least 3,000 StanCo Dems voted FOR Denham. Q.E.D., something in Hernandez turned away even partisan Democrat voters. In short, even they saw him as little more than a Pelosi lapdog and figured the guy in the majority was better.

Once more, despite every advantage, Hernandez didn’t just lose, he got bitch slapped. Rejected by CD-10 voters loud and clear.

So here we are three weeks later and guess what? Hernandez, the Astroturf loser of the Democrats is making noise to run again in 2014. 

Now you can say it’s a free country, he has a right to run again and even compare him to Jack Mobley, the champion of running for office over and again in the face of “We don’t want you even though you should be the favorite because of the demographics” from the voters of the district(s) in question.


Ground Control to Major Jose, Your Circuit's Dead, there's something wrong!

Ground Control to Major Jose, Your Circuit’s Dead, there’s something wrong!

But riddle me this: Is Jose Hernandez, ex-astronaut and Texan, the BEST Democrat in CD-10? Is he THE guy who is the be all, end all of what Democrats stand for and believe? Or is he just a figure head who the Party brass figured would impress the local yokels with an astronaut pin and some slick TV attack ads that nobody – and I mean NOBODY – believed, even the people who hate Denham?

This is the problem with politics. The same people, the same faces, over and again. Even if Hernandez had won, Denham would be back running for something else in the next cycle. The assembly people run for Senate, the Senators for State Office, the State Officers for Congress/US Senate, it’s the same people over and over again.

They claim that they have “experience,” but given the state of EVERY level of government f**kup’s one has to ask, “Experience at what? Doing everything wrong?” One would think that being IN government would all but disqualify ANY candidate from running again, but sadly, it does not.

It only seems to encourage them.


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