The Real Divide

From Cracked today, an interesting and instructive article that confirms much of what I have come to believe.



This is something that I have come to understand through my study on the ratification of the Constitution. The “real” divide in this nation isn’t rich v poor, left v right, black v white. It never has been.

It has ALWAYS been Country v City.


Even in 1788, the South Carolina State Legislature felt that they needed to “explain” the proposed Constitution to the “Country” folk, or else they would vote against ratification.

The key to really understanding this is to know that it is not about intelligence. Although it’s easy to get the impression that City folk consider Country folk to be dumb old bumpkins. Deep down, they know better, but when playing the man and not the ball, it pays to make base assumptions about the other side and then stick to those generalities, alá Bill Clinton and his “rednecks” or even Hillary and her “basket of deplorables.”

It’s just the City Elite way of saying, “those stupid people who disagree with me because they aren’t smart enough to understand.”

But keep in mind one simple fact – the Bill of Rights was put into place because of the demands of the Country folk. People who didn’t like or trust the political elites and their new-fangled Constitution. They were willing to work with it, but only if some rather remarkable and proper changes were made.

In today’s world, how often are the City Elites willing to accept those changes to protect what matters to the Country folks? Or is the attitude of today even more one of “We’ll make them understand?” Or even, as happened in 1788, just making sure that the political process ignores or bypasses those who don’t agree with the City Political Elites?

Remember as you read the article, it is written from the City Elite perspective. The author grasps the difference between the two, but is outright dismissive of the Country mindset.

You know, the mindset that produced the Bill of Rights… #thinkaboutit



It’s the End of the World And We Know It

Dave gets asked a question about something heard on another show. It happens to be one of Dave’s wheelhouse topics, and of course, he see’s things differently than a nationally syndicated, paid to stir up things, host with apocalyptic visions and a basement full of survival supplies (as well as a company that sells said supplies and thus benefits from stirring up belief in the end of the world).

dr-strangelove-3Dave is not an “End Timer,” as it were. From the Mayan Apocalypse fraud to the Book of Daniel to the “predictions” of Nostradamus and Harold Camping and on and on, the same factor keeps coming into play. It’s the same reason so-called “Psychics” aren’t winning the lottery. Add a little flowery verbal imagery to a dose of cold reading and intentional misdirection and, presto! You get a “prediction” of the future. And because of the intentional vagueness, it can’t be wrong or proven to be false! If it doesn’t happen, just claim that it did (alá Harold Camping) or that it still will happen!

So why do the Soviets… er, Russians, have Civil Defense drills and rattle the atomic saber?

The reason is actually simple. Almost surprisingly simple. And it is based on perceptions of what would happen if somebody actually did push the button…

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The War on Race?

There are certain topics that I refer to as “No Win Topics.” There is no way that anybody listening will change their minds, regardless of how right, how brilliant, how different or even how wrong my position and discussion might be. These topics are a waste of time not because they aren’t important, but because there is simply no way that anything will happen except for pointless arguments that will go nowhere and achieve nothing. Read the rest of this entry

I Consider Myself Now To Be Free

No, I did not watch the “debate.”

For two reasons. First, I no longer have to do that. Second, because nothing that happened on that stage was or will on a future stage change anybody’s mind or vote. After the millions of dollars which have been spent; after the primaries and caucuses, nothing that happens on that stage last night makes anybody say, “Hey, I was wrong! I should vote for __________ instead!” Not a single actual substantive issue or problem was seriously discussed (I did read the transcript) or “debated” in any way, shape or form. It was a ninety-minute commercial and drinking game with the added element of “Will one of the Candidates cough?” (A: Nope.)

There was also a third reason. Last night I watched the Miami Marlins play a baseball game against the New York Mets. It was the first game for the Marlins after their star young pitcher, Jose Fernández was killed Sunday morning in a boating accident. Read the rest of this entry

I Needed a Laugh

So… I’ve been really busy lately. Life is moving rapidly and it feels like I have so little real time for myself or my podcast.

Today we lost a good friend of the show, Greg Feczko, who had suffered from a long battle with his own demons and life. Today also would have been my Uncle Rodgers birthday, and another Uncle Rex, passed away this week as well.

I just needed a laugh.

So here’s John and & from February of 2012 and Fun With News on Daytona Weekend, titled “The Trouble in Bulgaria….”

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