First and Ninth


First Man, the new movie about Neil Armstrong and the first Apollo Moon landing, has been reviewed by the dunderheads at NBC. Needless to say, they turned one of the crowning achievements of mankind into a racist, misogynist, cisgendered attack of White Privilege. Which means that it’s a great movie and we should all go and see it.

Society continues to eat itself, and now within just a few days, we have seen two cases of #MeToo being proved false. Not just proved false but shown to be known false accusations in the first place. In both cases it was video evidence which proved the allegations weren’t just false, they were completely made up. but what does it say about us?

You thought that the Kavanaugh “Hearings” were a fiasco? Hold onto your butts. Here comes the 9th Circuit War…


CT Prep

What do:

-an 1866 Treaty

-a State Enabling Act

-a 1990s era murder and

-a former Vice President

all have in common?

Of course, it’s Constitution Thursday!

These Are Not My Pants

Classic Dave & John Fun With News from October 26, 2012 talk Air Koryo, #Bald4Beiber and pants…


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