Dave’s Vote

Dave’s tries to reason through for whom he should vote in 2016 Presidential Election. It’s not as easy as voting for somebody because of who they are not.

_89592907_compositeIn looking at the three major Candidates for President, there isn’t a whole lot that Dave can find redeemable in any of them. from Hillary’s basic greed for power to Trump inexplicableness, to Johnson’s… well.. whatever it is that he is about, it’s really difficult to see any of these three people occupy the same office as some of the greatest Americans in history.

So, what does Dave actually think about each of the Candidates and what are his issues with them? Does Dave know who it is for whom he will vote?

Will he tell you for whom to vote? Isn’t that the same thing as an endorsement? And if Dave doesn’t do endorsements, how can he tell you for whom to vote?

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Proxima Centauri

The exploration of the universe is, in my lifetime, the most fascinating science there is. Look, I love most of the sciences, especially paleontology and archaeology, but it is the space sciences that push the boundaries of human existence and meaning.

cold-desert-proxima-centauri-1200x638-1024x544Late last week rumors began to leak that scientists would announce soon that they had “found a new Earth!” Nothing could be further from the truth, but that would not stop the headlines and breathless exclamations to the effect that soon we would be settling the planet found orbiting Proxima Centauri.

In the fifty years since Star Trek and the moon landings, the absolutely certain belief that life must be ubiquitous throughout the universe has grown tot he point where nobody  in a casual conversation believes otherwise. And yet there is absolutely zero evidence for such a belief. Trust me on this though, if you say that in polite company, you’ll be considered the whack-o.

More and more however, it’s starting to become clear that there is something seriously off in the math that concludes that life is everywhere. By all reasonable interpretations of the science, we should have discovered firm evidence of extra-terrestrial life by now. But we haven’t. Still, we cling to the believe that it’s there, so there must be something wrong with our methodology.

Why are we so afraid of having our faith shaken to its foundations? How does man’s destiny change if the universe isn’t full of intelligent life? Or if it is?

At the end of the day, our nature is to explore, to discover and to find.

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Lochte’s Loosiana

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? - Season 2013If you went solely on the basis of headlines, the most important story since the O.J. Simpson trial is clearly the Ryan Lochte Incident. What would possess a reality TV star to “embellish” his story about being robbed at gunpoint in the one city on the planet outside Chicago where this is most likely to happen is anyone’s guess, but probably related to the fact that most people had come to believe that he had died or worse – faded from the public’s eye.

But when it comes to wanting to be in the public eye, who is more whoreish than a President or Presidential Candidate with a natural disaster happening?

This whole thing would be a lot more believable if… and that’s one gigantic if… we didn’t all remember previous natural disasters unleashed on the planet because G-d is mad at one side or the other and the presence or lack thereof of Presidents and Presidential wanna-be’s.  Or if there were any actual press coverage of this particular natural disaster. Of course, that would mean that the media would have to stop chasing the latest on the Lochte and go to West Virginia or Louisiana, which – let’s face it – would mean giving up a fun nightlife and a breathtaking report on the Rio Tourist Police latest presser describing how the dirty American has dissed Brazil… again. As if the Simpsons hadn’t already covered that.

Now we are told that there is a very good reason why only Trump has gone to Louisiana. And in truth, the reason is correct. But… there’s a really big problem with the reason. And the reason is why we’re getting more Lochte than actual, you know… news.

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Fun with Flags

Recently I caught a film that I missed in the theaters, “Now You See Me.” I love a good crime drama, and while this film is not perfect (Marc Ruffalo is essentially playing the same character he did in Zodiac), it is entertaining. Unless you have pretty good Sherlock Holmes skills, it will keep you guessing up until the final moments. The clues are obvious after the fact, but not so much as you see it for the first time, which is what is supposed to happen. Especially in a story about using magic to commit crimes.

Magic is about distraction. You can’t help yourself, you follow the bouncing ball and and you see what the magician wants you to see. Meanwhile the “trick” happens in plain sight without you ever noticing. Astonishment sets in and we look on in wonder as we cannot figure out how he (or she) did it. We applaud without ever considering what it is that for which we are clapping.

We’re clapping because we got fooled. And we like it.

marcusgohmarcusgoh-bigbangtheorys08e10review-4So now the City of Modesto has an idea it hopes will “improve Civic pride,” let’s design a City flag! But not just any old flag, a flag that will “showcase the city’s history, beauty and great sense of community.” Is true that some flags can accomplish things similar to that, I give you “The Star Spangled Banner” as an example, the truth is that pretty much nobody ever sacrificed anything, life, limb or treasure after being inspired by the multi-colored cloth representing the history, beauty or great sense of community” for a city anywhere. So unless the underlining purpose of this proposed flag is to have something to plant in the middle of Broadway Avenue and the corner of the Beckwith Triangle after the tanks roll into Salidavakia and Wood Colony, it’s hard to imagine exactly why the City actually needs a flag.

But… that’s just the distraction. And we’re falling for it.

This whole design the new flag contest will cost $2000. How dare the city waste a couple of grand on a piece of cloth??? Outrage! Phone calls, letters to the editor! Social media posts of outrage and mockery! On the other side it’s all about how the City is going to get donors for the $2000, so how can you opposed to something that will increase civic pride? Why are you so negative??? After all, other local Cities have them, even Turlock!!!!!

We applaud for whomever screams our position the loudest, or re-posts the most clever posts that reflect our personal view of the matter.

And we never realize that we are being tricked…

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Constitution Thursday – Virginia Part 1

Virginia – Part 1

Of all the states that – even for a fleeting moment – thought that they might be able to go their own way and reject the Constitution, Virginia is probably the only one that realistically had a chance of success. But Virginia is also the center of The Enlightenment in America; and it is her leaders who have the nations confidence. So much so, that James weatherford's graveMadison almost won’t make it home in time to be elected to the Virginia Convention, because he is busy conducting the Nations business which is entrusted to Virginia.

It is here that the most eloquent Anti-federalist of all, Patrick Henry, will probably join forces with George Mason, a man who attended the Philadelphia Convention but refused to sign the final document. Together, they look to face down the Federalists. If they succeed, Virginia will not ratify and it will be likely that other States remaining to consider the Constitution will follow her example.

Patrick Henry will take the lead. He has a long history of being a defender of individual, particularly religious conscience, and States rights. He has opposed Madison and Jefferson before; this time he means to pull out all of the stops to prevent what he sees as a usurpation of power from the people. Mason has become surprisingly (one might say, Samuel Adamsish) passive. Madison, having just made the convention, faces the most important task of his life…

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