DDH – The Wake 98

In the early days of the Pacific War, the Japanese empire seized Wake Island from the United States. It was an epic battle, despite the inevitable outcome. An outnumbered and unsupported Marine garrison held out far longer than anyone imagined that they would. Upon seizing the island, the Japanese removed the Marines, but kept ninety-eight civilian workers, who were forced into slave labor to build defensive infrastructure on the island.

In October of 1943, a air attack from the USS Lexington, in which future US President George HW Bush got his first combat experience, convinced the local Japanese commander than an invasion was immanent.

It wasn’t. But he still made a decision that reverberates today…


Before I could get to the show I had planned for today, we received the word that Senator Diane Feinstein has passed away at the age of ninety. Certainly the loss of a family member is painful, so my condolences are with the Feinstein family.

I ended up getting distracted by a couple of errands that had to be done this morning, so I had time to read more than a few articles about the passing of the Senator, when one in particular caught my eye. I know that the Daily Signal is produced by the Heritage foundation, but I find that it tends to drift from my libertarian principles. So I read it because I already know what I think, I want to know what others think.

That said, on the occasion of the passing of a noted Senator, it’s really a shame that what we are getting are AI generated articles that, at best, are kludgy…