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In Washington, D.C., the shutdown has paralyzed parts of the government. Meanwhile, business and life goes on for commercial enterprises, including the making and selling of Beer.

But (insert ominous music here) the government is closed and cannot be bothered to regulate the commercial free speech that it has decreed is required in order for the Beer Brewers to label and sell their product.

So… if the government is required to approve speech, is it really free speech?


The Scarlet Island

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Washington State has something that no other State has. Well… other States have them, but not like ours.

We keep our civilly committed sex offenders locked away – even after they’ve served their sentences – on an island in the Puget Sound. The whole thing is arguably unconstitutional, but also touches that point of our society where the overall safety of citizens meets the rights of the accused (and in this case, convicted).

There is a bigger issue here in that there is only so much room on McNeil Island, and there are more Sex Offenders than space.

To be clear here, we aren’t talking about the 19-year-old kid who had sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend. These are – as Washington State classifies them – Level III offenders (because there is no Level IV). They are “likely to re-offend” despite their sentences being served along with whatever efforts were made at rehabilitation. These are the worst of the worst of the worst.

The State of Washington has established LRA’s (Less Restrictive areas) so that Level III Offenders – those who are “likely to re-offend” – can be placed in neighborhoods.

Now, one of those LRA’s in my general area. And at least four Level III offenders are roaming about…

Up To And Touching



In June of 2017, I was stunned by how many people who had never been to sea on a Warship and never stood a deck watch felt the need to inform me that there was no way that the USS Fitzgerald collision was not a terrorist attack. You see, with all that equipment there was no way in hell that they didn’t see the CRX Crystal coming, and if they didn’t it was because the Russians had hacked them. “It was an attack, Dave!” they screeched.

There’s an old saying, Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.

The Navy, which tried to suppress the report on the collision, has at last been compelled to admit what every sailor already knew. There was no attack. There was a failure of leadership.

In the parlance of Boot Camp, nothing was up to and touching. 

Seven people died because of it…

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