I Needed a Laugh

So… I’ve been really busy lately. Life is moving rapidly and it feels like I have so little real time for myself or my podcast.

Today we lost a good friend of the show, Greg Feczko, who had suffered from a long battle with his own demons and life. Today also would have been my Uncle Rodgers birthday, and another Uncle Rex, passed away this week as well.

I just needed a laugh.

So here’s John and & from February of 2012 and Fun With News on Daytona Weekend, titled “The Trouble in Bulgaria….”

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A Touch of Pneumonia

Hillary’s doctor claims that she has pneumonia, which led to her “medical episode” at the 9-11 Memorial over the weekend. Every single medical professional that I personally have asked about it has scoffed at the idea. Granted, that’s not a lot of people, but something tells me that there is more to this than pneumonia.

Why does it matter?

Soon – if not already – the memes will begin about how this all a plot to allow Obama to remain in office past January of next year. To maintain order, you see. There will be AHT’s* and whispers about how he ordered the DOJ not to indict her because he knew all about this and that she wouldn’t last long. So get her elected, poof she’s incapacitated and – voilà! – he gets to stay President!

Mind you now, there isn’t one shred of evidence of this, not even a hint. The logic path you’d have to follow to believe it is strewn with confirmation bias and fallacies that would make Alex Jones’ head spin. Believe me, there are already people out there who believe this.

So what can reasonable and logical people do in response? Look, I’m no fan of Obama – or Hillary for that matter – but can they really be plotting to take over the country by sacrificing her to Moloch and establishing an empire?

Of course not.

We start where we should always start, with the Constitution. What we learn here will illuminate the path on which we should walk. We might not like it, but at the end of the day, this very scenario has already been considered and arrangements have already been made.

If it even happens.

After all, it could just be a touch of pneumonia…. right?

*Aluminum Hat Theories

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C’Mon On, Get Happy!

The biggest problem with the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy isn’t just that it exists at all in the first place.

4779543Put aside for the moment the internet debate over whether he is a dirt bag or a Muslim or a Cop hater or a pussy whipped boyfriend of a radical BLM Activist. Put aside the arguments that he “has a right” to take a stand for what he believes and that men and women have died for his right to do so.

All of those arguments have their place I suppose, but like every other argument in today’s world, they won’t change anybody’s mind. Not one. Nobody looked at the opinion article you posted or your meme and said to themselves, “Hey, that’s right! I’ve taken the wrong position on this whole issue all along and I should change my mind!” Read the rest of this entry

Dave’s Vote

Dave’s tries to reason through for whom he should vote in 2016 Presidential Election. It’s not as easy as voting for somebody because of who they are not.

_89592907_compositeIn looking at the three major Candidates for President, there isn’t a whole lot that Dave can find redeemable in any of them. from Hillary’s basic greed for power to Trump inexplicableness, to Johnson’s… well.. whatever it is that he is about, it’s really difficult to see any of these three people occupy the same office as some of the greatest Americans in history.

So, what does Dave actually think about each of the Candidates and what are his issues with them? Does Dave know who it is for whom he will vote?

Will he tell you for whom to vote? Isn’t that the same thing as an endorsement? And if Dave doesn’t do endorsements, how can he tell you for whom to vote?

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Proxima Centauri

The exploration of the universe is, in my lifetime, the most fascinating science there is. Look, I love most of the sciences, especially paleontology and archaeology, but it is the space sciences that push the boundaries of human existence and meaning.

cold-desert-proxima-centauri-1200x638-1024x544Late last week rumors began to leak that scientists would announce soon that they had “found a new Earth!” Nothing could be further from the truth, but that would not stop the headlines and breathless exclamations to the effect that soon we would be settling the planet found orbiting Proxima Centauri.

In the fifty years since Star Trek and the moon landings, the absolutely certain belief that life must be ubiquitous throughout the universe has grown tot he point where nobody  in a casual conversation believes otherwise. And yet there is absolutely zero evidence for such a belief. Trust me on this though, if you say that in polite company, you’ll be considered the whack-o.

More and more however, it’s starting to become clear that there is something seriously off in the math that concludes that life is everywhere. By all reasonable interpretations of the science, we should have discovered firm evidence of extra-terrestrial life by now. But we haven’t. Still, we cling to the believe that it’s there, so there must be something wrong with our methodology.

Why are we so afraid of having our faith shaken to its foundations? How does man’s destiny change if the universe isn’t full of intelligent life? Or if it is?

At the end of the day, our nature is to explore, to discover and to find.

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