Googling for Guilty


Imagine for the moment that you are living in Small Town, USA. Your life is pretty normal and while there are things about your life that you wouldn’t want people to know, you aren’t a pervert or a criminal. You’re just a average person when it comes to your private life and your online activities.

Maybe you have a friend, his name is… oh let’s just call him John. John Q. Public. He lives in your town and runs his own contracting business. Heck, maybe you’ve even hired him once or twice. Like you he has a bank account and a line of credit for his business. He also likes to travel, having gone to Europe last year. It’s something you’d like to do, but you’re just too busy.

Trust Me!

One afternoon, there is a knock at your door. It’s the local Police and they have a search warrant.

A search warrant for your computer. Signed by a local Judge, they want your search engine history. All of it. They have no reason to believe that you did what they are investigating, but they have convinced the Judge that if they can just look at everybody’s computer and search engine history, they can find out who did do whatever it is that they are investigating.

Now again, you’ve done nothing wrong. Well… maybe you’re a little weird and all, but what you search for is your business after all and not my place to judge. But you’ve committed no crime and there is no reason whatsoever to suspect that might have. But here at your door stands a police officer with a warrant for your search engine history.

By the by, as you’re standing there, you notice that across the street, another Officer with another warrant is knocking on that sweet old lady’s door. And a couple of doors down the Pastors house has yet another Cop with a warrant. In fact, you notice that every house has a police officer with a warrant knocking on the door.

Never happen, Dave, you might be saying. First off the Cops got better things to do and nobody would be that silly and no Judge would ever approve such a warrant in the first place.

That’s what you would tell me, right? Right?????

(THE ORIGINAL STORY with the warrant)


The Question

Every chat chow host – whatever the show – has an ego. I don’t care if you’re talking about the big syndicated radio shows or the lowliest podcast done in a closet.

The thing is, you have to have an ego. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t sit down in front of a microphone and share what you believe to be genuine thought, opinions and knowledge.

And here’s the other thing – of all the poeple who listen to you, whether that’s 10 or 20 million, about 40% are going to love you. Another 40% are going to dislike you. And that other 20%?

Well… Read the rest of this entry

Part 5 – The Bullsh** Log

Once you’re qualified, going to sea on a Ballistic Missile Submarine during the Cold War is a combination of boredom, stress, and trying to figure out what to do next. You’ll stand your watches, qualify your next watch stations, and do a lot of maintenance and cleaning. In fact, so much cleaning that there will be a four page memo that describes the difference between “Clean Up Ship” and “Field Day.”

Because even XO’s get bored and once they start writing…. well…

Shoved in between all of that, is eating, sleeping, showering, working out, watching movies, reading books, listening to music and trying to figure out the best prank to pull. Most of which you will never ever hear about because, frankly, they’re only funny to submariners.

There are drills galore. Division and Departmental Training. Throw in some General Military Training just for good measure.

Once in a while there’s a stop in Pearl Harbor, or a Follow On Test that gets you back home in time for opening week of the MLB Season. Even – hopefully not as often – a problem that takes you home and lets you surprise the heck out of your friends who aren’t expecting you.

Mostly though, it’s just tedious, mind-numbing, drawn out, seemingly never going to end, droning on, time flowing like cement, boredom. Much of it recorded on the pages of a green Record Notebook in the Crews Lounge and known as “The Bullshit Log.”

It just goes on and on and on. Broken by the occasional special night, or maybe a FamilyGram that lets you know that there are people back home who at least for fifty words are thinking about you. It just goes on and on. Occasionally somebody gets hurt. Maybe they cut a thumb off or some such. But it goes on and on and on. Somewhere in Russia a nuclear reactor melts down and the Chief of the Watch wants you to take an atmosphere sample “just in case” we sucked in some zoomies while snorkeling a few minutes ago. And then it goes on and on and on.

Until you hear “Alert One” over the 1MC, and the Roving Patrol (MCRP) wakes you up and says they need you in Missile Control Center. Earlier in the day, there had been a major political assassination on the Indian sub-continent. Now you’re handed a Re-target and Strike Message that is missing the traditional header:


It’s a mistake. Just a simple printer misalignment. But for a few moments, maybe even seconds, you won’t know that.

And after 81 days underwater multiple times, for a few short moments, a blink of the eye for all the time you’ve spent down here, you’ll grasp the full meaning of what it is that you do…


Just Ignore The Ruling

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to Conservative media, you have no doubt heard floated the idea that President Trump should go full Jackson and just ignore the Court rulings against the Executive Order and just plow ahead with the travel ban regardless of the Courts. I have personally heard this suggested by some of the leading Conservative commentators as well as repeated on countless Social Media posts.

This would, obviously, be very popular. Jackson was a populist. Trump is a populist.

Trump stands accused of racism in his use of the Executive Order to ban certain religious beliefs from entering the Country. Jackson had a lifetime of racial animosity driving his decision to allow the States to continue their removal of the Cherokee Indians from their homeland in Georgia.

Of course the problem is that Jackson never said what he is said to have said. But… he did use the ruling to his advantage

In 1832, the Supreme Court used US Marshals to enforce its rulings, but in this case, decided to not do so. Even though the Courts had essentially incorporated the management of Indian affairs against the States, no US Marshal’s were sent to Georgia to make it happen. Meanwhile Jackson, who purportedly had made his statement about the “stillborn” ruling that gets so much press today, used the rulings benefits to manipulate the situation and force the Cherokee to give up their lands.

So as we sit here today and ponder the question of the what should the President do about the Court ruling, it’s easy to see why many people believe that just ignoring it is the best course.

But is it?

Is ignoring the ruling truly the path of the Conservative? Or is it the path of the Populist?

In 1832, nobody saw what was coming because of the Courts ruling and Jackson’s refusal to uphold it. Can you see what might happen tomorrow if Trump plots a similar course?

The 1st Amendment Right To Be An A**hole


In 44bce, following the death of Julius Cæsar, Mark Anthony wasn’t really impressing people in Rome with his leadership and management. Despite his inspiring speech at Cæsars funeral pyre, he was basically making a pigs breakfast of things.

Opposing him was Cicero. Here was a Constitutionalist, a leader and a man of words. And it was to words which Cicero turned in his very public condemnation and criticism of Anthony. He delivered a series of fourteen speeches, known as the Phillipics, in which he rips Anthony for everything from his management to his dalliances with women (even one beneath his station) and even implies that Anthony might be, just possibly, at least once or maybe twice, homosexual. Read the rest of this entry

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