DDH – John Dickinson Saves Delaware

While waiting for a week for more delegates to arrive, the Virginia delegates have been meeting and discussing the plan that James Madison plans to propose.

when John Dickinson of Delaware gets a whiff of what is going on, he iDDs appalled. Not only is the Virginia delegation planning to NOT simply “fix” the Articles of Confederation, they appear to be proposing a new central government that seems – at least on paper – destined to subsume small states like his into their control.

He sends for help, but will it arrive before the Convention is derailed after barely getting started?

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Social… Caring?

Why is there a Page 6? Why is the high speed car chase of Harry and Megan through the streets of Manhattan a news story? Why do “social media influencers” even exist? Why is our society so obsessed with having our the fifteen minutes of fame?

We all claim that we want privacy and we are appalled when it is “violated.” But is that really who we are? Why is our society so determined to tell everything that happened to us every minute of every day? Blogs, Social Media, web cams… it’s almost as if we cannot get away from detail after detail of everybody we know.

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