The Occasioning of Two Mobs

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In a world where people still believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a real thing, where SNOPES “fact checks” the Babylon Bee, where Saints fans still believe that it was all a plot against them, the whole Jussie Smollett story has been labeled as “weird” by the local news personality.

It is a huge conversational buffalo, so big in fact that I am not even sure where to start chewing. The weeping and gnashing of teeth by the celebrities left who will admit that the supported Smollet in the beginning might be a good place. But even I don’t have the appetite it would take to consume all of that.

No, for me there is an unexpected concern here.

Back in 1773, some Lobster Backs were put on trial for murder in Boston. They were accused of shooting Colonials, but it was their defense that really caused a commotion. Their attorney decided to stand up for the rights of the accused, not to join the baying crowd calling for their blood.

Up stepped John Adams. Yes… THAT John Adams…

He defended the soldiers and while it was surprising at the time, calmer heads understood what the mob did not – that vengeance is not justice and that the accused have rights. Adams won the trial and the Soldiers went free. As they should have.

What I watched this morning, along with millions of my fellow countrymen, appalled me.

Because a very sick person tried to manipulate half of America by playing on perceived hatred and stereotypes because he was mad about his salary?


I was appalled that what I watched was nothing more than a return to the values and practices of a tyrannical government. Whether you or I think that Jussie Smollet did it or not, how is it okay with us that the government – in the form of a Police Chief – stood in front of the camera broadcasting to the world and indicted, arraigned, tried, judged and all but sentenced a man for crime before his booking photo was dry?

It may make me unpopular, but as my Dad always said, that puts me in good company. The accused have rights, and I was appalled at how the government just rolled right over them this morning.

Of course, there are bigger problems in this country. But they aren’t what we keep being told that they are. And when you break it down, it’s not any different from the day that some Lobster Backs were sent into a volatile powder keg with a crowd yelling “Fire! Fire!” and in an attempt to quell one problem, created two…


Manny Got A Job.

I love San Diego. If I could retire to anywhere with no other considerations, San Diego would be my home. The Padres are my “comfort team.” I don’t love them, I don’t hate them. I just enjoy the game and the weather and the easy walk back to the condo. Never get really excited, never get really crushed.

It’s San Diego.

I can’t imagine a better place for Manny’s laissez-faire approach to the game to fit in.

And maybe make me care about it…

The Baseball Bloggess

I’m not sure why I care so much about Manny Machado.

Manny Machado, you may have heard, is expected to sign a $300-million, 10-year contract with the San Diego Padres.

(The San Diego Padres – the team you always forget when you’re trying to name all 30.)

Not Manny.

This is the biggest free agent contract in sports history.

Until, I guess, Bryce Harper signs – with, maybe, the Phillies – later this week.

Not Bryce.

(The Philadelphia Phillies – the team with the name that’s not even trying. All teams should do that. The Washington Washies. The New York Yorkies – woof! The San Diego Sandies. The Baltimore Balties. Whatever.)

Having boatloads of quality free agents still unsigned when spring training is well underway is both weird and disconcerting.

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The Coming Week

As I mentioned on the FRIDAY Show, (the relevant part is in the audio above) I will be out all this week. It would have been last week, but SNOWMAGEDDON 2019 pretty much shut down the entire Puget Sound area, and while it’s supposed to rain a bit this week, it won’t be the foot of snow we had last week. Which means kids will be in school (except for Monday) and things will be calm enough for me to get some things done.

On the chance that you haven’t caught the Friday show yet, I have several appointments and missions this week. From the DAV to file paperwork to a trip to the VA Pharmacy in Tacoma, this is going to be a lot of travel and waiting in lines to talk to people who work on a “First-Come-First-Served” basis. I’ll have to leave early!

I will also be – in my copious free time – trying to get the whole Chroma Key stuff to work so that the video production can look better. It’s all a part of the whole trying to get better at video production thing.

But most of the week will be spent on paperwork and dealing with the VA, to get everything in order for the long run. Enjoy the week. Tim Preuss will have a new show this week. If by some chance things go unbelievable well and I have time, then I will be back early. But I am not counting on it!

Also, as I announced on Friday, going forward the Monday to Wednesday shows will be problematic for some time. They definitely won’t be live at 10am, and it’s possible they will be more significantly effected.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Be back soon,

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