Welcome to the 21st Century


Amazon has been playing the fiddle… the tax fiddle. Some cities are waking up today and realizing how much of a tax burden they dodged by NOT getting the new Amazon HQ2 Divided by 2. Unfortunately for New York residents, it’ll cost them at least $43K each…

The answer is the same that’s it has always been.

Ballistic Missile Submarines are what the Battleship was in 1914. They represent the power and prestige of a nation. Unlike Aircraft Carriers they cannot “project” power nor can they control Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOCS). in reality, the grand Battleships of the Great White Fleet and the British Home Fleet couldn’t either. Those tasks fell to lesser, faster and more mission diverse ships. But Boomers… they represent something Mahan never really contemplated in Naval Power. The ability to deliver nuclear weapons anywhere in the world in less time than it takes to order a takeout pizza.

SSBN’s are seen as a “Second Strike” system, which will cause a potential adversary to think twice. Thus, rational opponents are “deterred” by the presence and viability of the deliverable weapons. And now India has announced that it has this capability. They don’t actually have it yet, but it is inevitable.

The Seattle Mariners have managed to get themselves into some Political Incorrect hot water. In Wisconsin, a High School dance photo went sideways when a photographer asked the kids in the picture to do something politically incorrect. The obvious question is “How does this keep happening in the 21st Century?”


Sometimes You Just Get Lucky


The Grinch isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Imagine the same story pretty much being retold today instead of 1966 and having more than 26 minutes (22 in syndication) of Network TV time to tell it. That and more ‘modern” versions of the songs are what you get. And no Jim Carey. Ben loved it, and for one brief moment in the late stages of the movie, he reminded me of why I am so lucky to be his Dad. Which made my heart grow three sizes that day…

In all of the flop-n-twitch over the Midterms, some things stand out:

(1) The de-platforming of Conservative and/or Pro-Trump Facebook Pages in the 24 hours before the election. It’s hard to believe that Facebook and Social Media believes that this would have any effect on the outcome of elections. So why bother? Because Facebook is a scam.

(2) The anger over winning. One NBC reporter went so far as to tweet his anger over the “rural” parts of the country being “tolerated” by the Metro Elites…

(3) We finally have a definition of what a Democratic-Socialist is. It’s somebody who has no clue how to rent an apartment. Seriously.. there’s a test for it. I’m NOT kidding…

The President was roundly and soundly lambasted for not attending the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I in Paris over the weekend. By the same people who have excused other presidents for missing similar events. I’m no Trumper, but I am not going to waste my time complaining about a guy who is 70+ years old not going to an event to stand out in the November rain for a significant time. Especially since at least 75% of the people making the complaint have no idea what event was being commemorated in the first place. Oh, and by the by, France still owes us a boatload of money. Perhaps instead of complaints and insults, President Marcon could have said a word or two of thanks?

The Thousand Oaks shooter was a former Marine. We get it. He’s a Veteran and you know, all Veterans are mentally unstable powder kegs just waiting to blow up and go … oh, I don’t know… postal?… on the community, right? Right? We’ve been through this before. while calls for Gun Control will once again be made, there are those who want to go one step further and start a social Media license…

A little more than half of the entire world’s production of cranberries happens here in the United States. And of that, 65% of the US production comes from one State. I’m not advertising guru, but frankly, Wisconsin has lost the Cheese wars to California. But the Cranberry war is still theirs for the taking.

It’s Not That We Don’t Know our History…


I am taking the day off to spend time with family. It’s an unusual confluence when Ben, Cami and I all have the same day off AND we can afford to do something. Advantage of the moment must be taken.

But, over the weekend, this Tweet from an NBC reporter came to my attention.

Now, when I say to you that history is being intentionally ignored because it doesn’t fit the agenda, perhaps you will understand what I mean.

And the audio above is a reminder here is the discussion we had two years ago about the ratification debates in South Carolina. Where the biggest divide wasn’t race or socioeconomics. It was rural versus metro.

And it ALWAYS has been…

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