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The Supreme Court will hear the Bladensburg Cross case after the 4th Circuit ruled that public expenditures used to maintain the monument violated the 1st Amendment prohibition against the establishment of religion by the Government. It is always a touchy subject, and the debates are always passionate. From Bladensburg to Texas to San Diego, the debate rages as to what exactly constitutes “establishment” and whether or not the long history of various monuments has any sway in the question of the monument’s status.

Like most things, it’s not as simple as it seems. Nor is the hyperbole – on both sides – helping to sort through the real issues.


Gravity Always Wins


There are certain immutable laws in the universe. The first of those is “Gravity Always Wins.”

When you try to break that law, you find yourself looking at a bottle of Vicodin and asking the same old questions. If this stuff is so hard to get, why are there supposedly so many people addicted to it, to the point of requiring a national “Government Must Do Something” movement to end the scourge of opioid addiction?

Car buying is a thing that everybody has to do sooner or later. For us, it was a few hours after I fell, and in a Vicodin induced haze, I let my wife make all the decisions.

The ARA San Juan was found, almost a year to the day that she vanished. While there is a certain satisfaction that she has been located, there is a great deal of anger from the families that Argentina will not try to raise her. Frankly, I don’t think that it could be done anyway. It’s just frustration at what the families see as a lack of competence on behalf of the Argentinean Government and Navy. But there are now even more questions. For a year we have had completely uninformed speculation. Now we have physical evidence, and to go with it we can begin the rampant run of even more uninformed speculation. The truth is that we are very unlikely to ever know with 100% certainty what happened. and even if we did find out, it would be a game a hot potato blame game. The family is already furious that the ARA is suggesting that there may have been crew error. What if there was? What if there wasn’t? why are we so obsessed with this (and so many other things) being “somebody’s fault?”


Welcome to the 21st Century


Amazon has been playing the fiddle… the tax fiddle. Some cities are waking up today and realizing how much of a tax burden they dodged by NOT getting the new Amazon HQ2 Divided by 2. Unfortunately for New York residents, it’ll cost them at least $43K each…

The answer is the same that’s it has always been.

Ballistic Missile Submarines are what the Battleship was in 1914. They represent the power and prestige of a nation. Unlike Aircraft Carriers they cannot “project” power nor can they control Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOCS). in reality, the grand Battleships of the Great White Fleet and the British Home Fleet couldn’t either. Those tasks fell to lesser, faster and more mission diverse ships. But Boomers… they represent something Mahan never really contemplated in Naval Power. The ability to deliver nuclear weapons anywhere in the world in less time than it takes to order a takeout pizza.

SSBN’s are seen as a “Second Strike” system, which will cause a potential adversary to think twice. Thus, rational opponents are “deterred” by the presence and viability of the deliverable weapons. And now India has announced that it has this capability. They don’t actually have it yet, but it is inevitable.

The Seattle Mariners have managed to get themselves into some Political Incorrect hot water. In Wisconsin, a High School dance photo went sideways when a photographer asked the kids in the picture to do something politically incorrect. The obvious question is “How does this keep happening in the 21st Century?”

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