A Gigantic Time Suck

As I had suspected all along, this move to the PACNORWEST was going to become a gigantic time suck. And it has.

Between packing and planning, the process of trying to buy a house has also once again popped up. And so instead of being in my studio this morning in beautiful downtown Manteca, I am in Bremerton, WA, looking at houses and meeting with agents and brokers.

I did think that I would be able to sit down here and record, and so I lugged my portable studio with me. Most of it anyway. Everything except the one $2 cable I need to make it work. Sure, there’s a Radio Shack in town, so if I get some time today I’ll see if I can pick one up. But it scuttled this morning.

So… that’s what happening today. If anything changes I’ll certainly let you know, otherwise I won’t be back until later in the week.


Classic Top 5: Fast Foods

Classic Dave & John from the 3rd week of April. As the Boston Bombers are approaching their end, Dave & John turned their attention to the worst thing imaginable – Fast Food!

So obsessive about this is Dave, that he will even tell you the expenditures of his personal budget on fast food.

Surely there is something on the list that everybody loves!

Original Airdate: Friday April 19, 2013

The Hornet’s Sting

On the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle raid, Dave got to visit the USS Hornet Museum. It honors the brave men who flew that daring raid as well as the generations of sailors who served in her after WWII and even today aboard ships with other names, but doing the same job of keeping the peace.

That idea of deterrence and peace through strength is the real reason, despite the apparent confusion of Trump’s Armada, that North Korea and Kim Jong-tun (get it?) decided to not test their atomic weapons last week.

Deterrence works because there is a credible and real threat of retaliation. Ships like USS Hornet and USS Carl Vinson along with their myriad of escorts and support ships provide that deterrent today.

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