I Have Questions

The 55th Birthday was quite the adventure, so was the day after! Between work and Ben, it derailed everything pretty quickly, although I am now able to sit down and record.

There are going to be some changes in the way I do things soon. Facebook does what it does, and I recognize it’s good points. For all that, there are things that I don’t like about it. So, rather than gripe and point fingers, I’m just going to change how I do things. If you want to be a part, great! If not, You don’t have to be!

See how that works?

So with the Kavanaugh thing, it really leads to one major concern for me – why is it that we can no longer have questions? Somehow we have reached a point where instead of answering the questions, we call the questioner names and demand acquiescence. What is odd to me is that once upon a time, G-d Himself was asked some questions. He chose a different way of dealing with them, maybe we could learn something from Him?


National Cheeseburger Day

It’s National Cheeseburger Day. Which is convenient since we have to confess our sins at sundown…

The War in Syria is lost. There is nothing short of sending the 1 Marine Division backed up by the 6th Fleet and USAF that would even start to “help” our “Allies” win. So what happens when a Russian IL-20 gets accidentally shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles built and supplied by Russia? Blame Israel!

Governor Jerry Brown has repeated his promise for the PDRK to “launch its own satellite.” Of more interest is that nobody seems to have realized that what he intends to launch is a “spy satellite” capable of “pinpointing” those who are putting out CO2. You realize, of course, that YOU put out CO2, right?

The US Coast Guard is – I think rightfully – upset over the theft of $700 Million from its acquisition budget which DHS reallocated to the “Border Wall.” we could spend an hour on why the wall is stupid, but today we are looking at what the USCG is losing in the deal – at least four modern Icebreaking Ships that it desperately needs. Or… does it?

Two Hundred Thirty-One Years


Two Hundred and Thirty-One years ago, thirty-nine men put their signature on the document which they had prepared for the people of The United States to replace the system of government which was failing the country. Today we take a few moments to look back on the adventure that has been Constitution Thursday.

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