Dave’s knee surgery adventure isn’t going as smoothly as he had planned. Mostly because it turns out that Insurance Companies are servants of the Devil.

414G-s9q53L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Dave talks with David Forsyth, the author of several books, including The Sovereign Spirit Saga, a Zombie apocalypse story, The Sedulity Saga, about a Cruise Ship caught at sea during an asteroid impact, and The Florida Files, including Retribution and the brand new “Submerged In The World of Wool,” which is set in the famed “World of Wool.” You can get the all of the books on Amazon. It is a look at not just some great stories, but how the world of independent publishing has changed the landscape for authors around the world.

Mayor Anthony Silva has had an epiphany. It’s almost as if he’s been listening to what Dave has been saying about homelessness for the last 25 years.

Moody’s has given the Modesto Water Enterprise Fund a “negative outlook” rating. Why? Because Modestoons are saving too much water and it’s costing the City money. Oddly enough, under general accounting rules, enterprise funds can be subsidized from the City’s General Fund if need be. Even stranger, Der Mayor is pushing hard for a “public safety” tax, which will not go to public safety but to the General Fund. How weird is that?Download 150x150

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Khloe Kardashian’s Ass

Khloe-KardashianThe President goes to Africa and gives Kenyans “a Pep talk” about gay rights. The President of Kenya give an answer which should remind us of our responsibilities and virtues as Americans. But the truth is that we are so consumed by the trivial unimportant things, like Khloe Kardashian’s butt, that we have no time for the really important issues.

Before you call for an Article V Convention, answer one question: What are YOU will to compromise upon in order to have a successful convention of the states?

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A Man Went Down to Jericho

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

1997 - On The Road to Jericho

1997 – On The Road to Jericho

Dave appears on an episode of Investigation Discovery’s “Blood Relatives” which deals with a Central Valley murder in 2010. The show is a valuable lesson for today, in that it is chock full of “factually accurate things.” But when we “peel back the investigatory avocado,” what do we find?

The truth of course.

But a much different truth than we were shown and asked to accept.

The expected El Niño is growing ever stronger in the ocean. Did you know that the El Niño is yet another example of American Imperialism and destruction of the environment?

A caller has an idea for dealing with the 11 Million Illegal Immigrants that would keep them here, but not voting. What does Dave think of the idea?

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The Second Man

The small States have won their battle for Equal representation in what will become the Senate. The Slave States have held on to their three fifth’s compromise. For now, the Convention will move another element of the plan, the Presidency.

Ideas of how he should be elected and for how long dominate the discussion. Throughout the discussion, one man casts his shadow over the debates.

rQdi6qhL8tdqrDqEvRL7G59REvery man in the room knows that the first President under the proposed new government will be the Convention’s leader, General George Washington.

To a man, they are happy to know this. What concerns them, and what the controls the debate is a single question.

Who will be the second man to become President of The United States?

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Water Witches

ID Blood Relatives copyInvestigation Discovery’s latest episode of “Blood Relatives,” takes a look back at a famous Central Valley crime. Oh, they featured a Central Valley media personality discussing the crime. It’s on tonight… just say’n…

Up since 4am, Dave launches at the people who sent him eMails claiming that John McCain started the fire aboard USS Forrestal.

dowseraThe Drought has become a permanent political event in California. Regardless of how strong or how many El Niño’s we have, there is too much political power to be gained and too much money to be made from having a permanent drought in the State. Which, of course, leads to increased instances of “Water Witching,” or Dowsers, who take people money and raise their hopes by pretending to find water using two sticks and a mystical attitude.

The Lt. Governor (we do have one!) is a guy by the name of Gavin Newsome. He is running for Governor in 2018 and wants to legalize marijuana. But before you get all excited about that, you should understand that he is NOT a free market guy. He has no interest in you being able to buy marijuana unfettered and untaxed.

The White House orders the Flags lowered to Half-mast, and it turns out that at least two of the men killed by the PLRI Terrorist were in fact armed and did return fire.

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