Special Orders Do Confuse Us


Can I get that with a folded egg? Not unless you order the #2 value meal with an extra sandwich…

Ever try to substitute folded eggs for fried eggs at McDonald’s? It’s an adventure in logical fallacies.

Stanislaus County signs a $148,000 contract to not actually solve homelessness, but they’ll feel better about themselves for it.

The Heckler’s Veto opens up a world of potential problems, including the banning of bacon;

Should a Special Need kid have had his Varsity Letter jacket taken away from him?

And which classic Science Fiction movies could benefit from re-mastered special effects?



The Roman Sponge


Heckler’s Veto


1931409_1061521508403_6501_nThe “Heckler’s Veto” comes back to life as High School Students in California are told not to wear Patriotic clothing on Cinco de Mayo. The Supreme Court declines to take up the case, but does that really mean that they agree with the 9th Circuit Courts ruling that the School did the right thing by banning the American flag T-Shirts? When it comes to people with jobs that involve the public safety, shouldn’t there be a better system for letting employers know if a person is mentally ill or a potential danger to the public?


The Original 5th Element

Boron from Periodic Table of ElementsIndiana is the focal point for outrage for one simple reason, and it has little to do with religious freedom or gay discrimination. It has to do with Basketball. Dave found the BEST Mexican food in the State of California this weekend. In 1981 Rawhide went down from an assassin’s bullets, but he got back up. The GOP look s to having three 1st Term US Senators as 2016 Candidates for President. Wasn’t lack of experience a problem when it comes to picking a President? Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. Do children using a Vietnam Memorial as a climbing toy represent and insult or ignorance?


Keeping Faith – Dave Visits the Vietnam Memorial with a Vietnam Veteran (10/29/2014)

Peruta En Banc

1392358739-stillHarry Reid, the most evil man in the world, teases us with his announcement that he is NOT quitting for another 22 months. The Peruta decision from the 9th Circuit Court gets vacated and the whole thing heads back to the Court En Banc. What does that mean for the future of the ruling? Why did this happen? What happens next?

The weird story of the Germanwings Co-Pilot continues to baffle and confuse. With seemingly no clear cut reason for his actions, one Male Rights Activists blogs in with what might be the dumbest reason on record. And yet, we’ve heard this same line reasoning before, from a mass killer, right here in California.

Will Bowe Bergdahl face the death penalty? Not likely.


Not Constitution Thursday


bergdahlIt’s supposed to be Constitution Thursday, but a combination of factors, including noise, news and not liking the way it was going, mean that today is a regular episode of Plausibly Live. The Bowe Bergdhal charges mean that social media will be alive with posts about the Presidents deal to trade the Talibanis for a traitor. Just remember one simple and unarguable fact – you cannot charge Bergdahl with desertion if you do not have Bergdahl in custody. If you don’t have him, he goes down as a hero, and while there are always alternatives for getting him back, how many of those were realistic?

The Co-Pilot of the Germanwings plane appears to have intentionally crashed the plane into the Alps.

The Sodomite Suppression Act continues to generate response and discussion.



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