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The Duggar story comes even more unraveled. The truth is that Jim Bob is a politician, plain and simple, and everything he does and has done is to gain political power and to use that power to enforce his will, insofar as he can of how other people should live.

0758a42The USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58 was decommissioned this past week by the US Navy. She had a long and glorious story, including an incredible day in 1988 in the Persian Gulf. For all her remarkable deeds, she had an even more remarkable forbearer which she had to follow – The original USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413 and Coxain Samuel B Roberts himself.

The California State Assembly decides to deal with an insane Ballot Initiative by… raising the fees to register Ballot Initiatives! That’ll fix it, right!

The 5th Circuit Court lets the Injunction against Obama’s Immigration Executive Action stand. Which is exactly what he wanted to have happen.

The City of Modesto makes a couple of exceptions to its water restrictions.

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The Fall of the House of Duggar

The Fall of the House of DuggarThe Duggar family scandal has America chattering, as it should. Dave & Cami talked about it and their positions on the scandal more or less reflect the divide in the rest of the Country. On the one hand, “The Liberals have always been out to get the Duggar’s.” And on the other hand, “The Duggar’s are hypocrites.” But what is being missed is that there is a bigger problem here. Reality TV is 100% fake, and the image the Duggars’ have carefully staged and crafted isn’t what really happens when the cameras are off. And now the whole cover up will probably bring down the House of Duggar.

Open Cockpit Day was a blast. If you missed it, you can see Dave’s pictures of Ben climbing into Airplanes HERE.

Norwich City wins the Championship Playoff, and yes, Dave watched the entire match. He even got up early to do so. The first fifteen minutes was great… after that it was everything Americans hate about the game of soccer.



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Memorial Day

20051013170942_1uss_cole-6On Memorial Day, Dave looks back at one of his favorite Memorial Day guests, CDR Kirk Lippod, Captain of the USS Cole when she was attacked. The attack killed 17 sailors and injured another 39. Commander Lippold talk about some of the Sailors who died that day and how he and the crew have moved forward.

This interview was done in May of 2012, and remains Dave’s favorite Memorial Day interview. It was very emotional, the tape had to be paused several times to allow for a moment to collect ourselves. This particular podcast contains portions of the interview that were never aired, which includes Dave talking with CDR Lippold off air about their experiences and those who helped to developed their own leadership.

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The B-47 Spirit

B47_DF-ST-88-01015Joe Pruzzo of the Castle Air Museum joins Dave to talk about this weekends Open Cockpit Day, the four new Aircraft Exhibits, and why the B-47 is such a popular and important airplane.

Yesterday’s episode included short selections from the popular music of the 1780’s that would have been played and danced to as General Washington and the others waited for the Philadelphia Convention to get underway. One of the two pieces has a modern cover by one of Dave’s favorite artists.

El Niño is a’coming! Or is it? If it is, will it end the drought, or just extend our political inertia to not solve the Water Management problem?

Memorial Day is upon us again. Dave recalls the loss of one of his good friends in the Navy during the First Gulf War. The memories also include the Indy 500, Grandpa, Uncle Mick, and the loss of USS Scorpion on this day in 1968.



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John Dickinson Saves Delaware


The Philadelphia Convention – Part 2

To say that General Washington was angry would have been the understatement of the century. He was as close to losing his legendary cool as he had been since the war ended, and with his personal reputation on the line, he circulated the parties and dinners of Philadelphia’s social network. He faced a barrage or questions about the rumors swirling through the City. “Do you mean to destroy the government?”

ency0068The source of the rumors was the discovery that the Virginia delegation was meeting in secret each day as they waited for the rest of the delegates to arrive, to refine a plan that James Madison had written to do just that. Was this… treason?

Of bigger concern, the small States were horrified that Virginia meant to swallow them up, through “addition, division, or impoverishment.” The call went out as a letter was dispatched to John Dickinson of Delaware. He would arrive in time to fight to save the small States…

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