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So, yeah…. I’m a pretty happy fellow this morning. Probably as much because the Broncos won as because my Ex is a diehard (bandwagon) Panthers fan who made sure to let me know about it this past week. Not that I am still bitter or anything like that. I have a lot to say about the game, but I also know that many of you don’t like sportsball and don’t really listen to talk about it, so I have split today’s show into two pieces, with the Sports stuff in one part and the “real issues” stuff in the other.

Part I

unha3launch_hi_res-815x10241-675x368The Glorious People’s Demokratick Republick of Korea (it’s none of those things) launched a rocket this weekend which they claim has placed a satellite in orbit. In my view, this is a highly concerning development as well as potentially dangerous. It also refocuses the concern about the recent test of what the PDRK claimed was a “hydrogen” bomb.

Hillary Clinton made it clear recently that she is all about the one thing that would cement liberal power for a long time to come. she believes that the next President will appoint as many as three Justices to the Supreme Court, and believe me, she has a plan…

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12662684_10208811440873471_2480202202465789511_nThe Broncos are Super Bowl 50 champions! Yes, I am ecstatic and thrilled beyond belief. I am not really superstitious, but you do know that it was my actions yesterday that led to this win, right? Meanwhile, I have some mixed feelings about the game as a whole, and like Peyton Manning I am contemplating a change in my sportsball habits.

Cam Newton was supposed to be the up and coming face of the NFL. Yesterday showed that he has a lot to learn if he ever wants to be remembered for more than winning a few games and losing the biggest one. But for all of that, it was a former Bronco and 49er who won the prize for “Dumbest Thing Said” yesterday.

And now it’s on to Baseball! Congrats to Mexico for their win in the Caribbean Series!

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Super eMails L

At the Democrat Party debate last night, Hillary Clinton was asked the softball of softballs when it comes to the eMail issue. She assured “Democrats” that the eMail scandal was nothing, just like Benghazi, and that she is 100% confident that there will be no indictment.

And… she’s right. There will not be any indictment. Even the GOP Leadership wants nothing to do with this “scandal.”

The Super Bowl is upon us again! Yes, Dave is a die hard fan of the Denver Broncos. He’s seen the best, but more often he has seen the worst. including a day when the Broncos were the last professional football team to fail in a way that hasn’t happened since 1966.

But for all of the bad, there was one, really, really, really good day with the Broncos. And it wasn’t a Super Bowl…

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Constitution Thursday – The Maine Problem

When the Massachusetts Convention gathered in early January, 1788 to consider ratification off the Constitution, the state faced three hurdles to ratification.

First, the lingering suspicion and distrust of a central government from the western part of the State when just two years before, Shay’s Rebellion had shaken the nation. The western part of the State saw the Constitution as little more than a larger form of the same government that had suppressed their rights and demanded their hard currency, and strongly objected to the idea that Congress would be able to tax and that only gold and silver could be used to pay debts.

The Second problem was Maine. At the time, Maine was part of Massachusetts, and because of its physical separation, Maine had often felt both neglected and treated as second class by the Boston mercantile class. Furthermore, Maine had staunch loyalist leanings during both the Revolutionary War. It would again support Great Britain during the War of 1812. It was assumed by most people that Maine wanted to separate from Massachusetts, but that the proposed Constitution made it virtually impossible to do so, since Massachusetts would have to give it’s consent for that to happen. But like many assumptions about both people and the Constitution, this turned out to be the least of the Federalist’s worries.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

The third, and potentially the greatest hurdle to Massachusetts ratification was Sam Adams. He had made it clear that he saw in the Constitution, not a protection of the sovereignty of the States in a federal union, but instead a national government, which he was certain would crush the rights so recently and so difficultly won. Despite his “open mouthed” opposition to the Constitution, he was elected as a delegate by Boston, which supported the ratification.

As Henry Knox informed General Washington, 2/7th’s of Massachusetts was “insurgents” who had supported Shays, 2/7th’s was Maine which opposed the ratification on their own grounds. Leaving only 3/7th’s to try and carry the Constitution and try and make Massachusetts the 6th State to ratify…

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Baron Von Graham’s Lies

In the Winter of 1788, a foreign Military Officer was sent to Valley Forge. His name? Friedrich Von Steuben.

800px-Major_General_Friedrich_Wilhelm_Augustus_Baron_von_Steuben_by_Ralph_EarlVon Steuben came to Washington’s camp in late February of 1778, with a background of service to various European Armies, a large outstanding debt to his creditors and numerous wild rumors about his behavior while in the Service and whether or not that service was even what he claimed it to have been. Washington, however, was desperate for any professional help for his rag-tag force, suffering through the winter at Valley Forge. He appointed the Baron as temporary Inspector General, and tasked him with improving the conditions and performance of the Continental Army.

The questions about the Barons past were never really answered, or even addressed. But he did go down in American history as the man who built the Continental Army into a full fledged fighting force. He would later retire form the Army and become the founder of the Society of Cincinnatus. Despite numerous land grants by grateful States and a Congressional pension for his service, the questions always swirled about his past, never answered. And he managed to continue to run up debts which plagued him until he died, virtually penniless in 1794.

The man who saved the Continental Army, remained an enigma and a mystery.

Representative_Graham_HuntThis past week, a Washington State Assemblyman, Graham Hunt resigned his set as a legislator when it became apparent that his military service record did not match up to the claims he had made about it during his campaign. His statement, however, was more about how he felt distracted, rather than an apology for his lies.

Some years ago, in Claremont, California, a Water Board Member by the name of Alvarez claimed to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. When it was discovered that he was lying, he was indicted under the 2003 Stolen Valor Act. Alvarez argued that the Act was a violation of the 1st Amendment, and while initially rejected by lower Courts, the case made it’s way to the US Supreme Court where in a 6-3 decision, the Court ruled that the Stolen Valor Act was indeed, an unconstitutional violation of the 1st Amendments guarantee of Free Speech, ruling that false statements are not, solely because they are false, excluded from the 1st Amendment.

So today, how should we react to yet another politician who felt compelled to lie and dishonor himself about a military service record? Moreover, was the purpose of that lie simply to feel good about himself, or was it to help him gain power, reward and influence over the citizens to whom he lied?

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Part 1 of Today’s Show


The City of Modesto will have a new Mayor, as Der Mayor goes down in flames in yesterday’s mail-it-in election. The truth is that the Mayor-Elect didn’t do as much to win the election as Der Mayor did to lose it. Ultimately, it won’t make much of a difference as the balance of power swings back to the business side of things, and the question still lingers in the air: What of Salidavakia, Wood Colony and protections for prime farmland?

Everybody has a theory about what happened. Whether you’re talking about the Bundy rebellion or the Iowa Caucus.

Let’s start in Iowa and remind ourselves of one single interesting fact about the Iowa Caucus. And that is the answer to this question: what do Rick Santorum, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, and Mike Huckabee all have in common? But for all of that, what was the biggest surprise that should not have been a surprise?
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 And in Part 2 of Today’s Show…

cliven-bundy1A few weeks back, the Bundy’s led a takeover of a Oregon town’s Wildlife refuge ostensibly over the two Ranchers who were going to jail after a GOP appointed Judge committed a bit of Judicial Activism and failed to follow Congress’s sentencing guidelines. The two Ranchers accepted the re-sentencing and went peaceably off to jail, and since that moment the Bundy Army has been trying to rationally explain why they are doing what they are doing that ended up getting one of their friends killed.

The explanation has morphed away from the Hammonds and towards the idea that the Federal Government “can not” (according to LaVoy Finicum) own land. This has generated hundreds and probably thousands of posts from concerned Patriots who have now seized upon the idea that the Government owning the land is “un-Constitutional,” and it must be stopped, with the land turned over to the individual States to do with as they see fit. which, in theory, sounds great. But in practice, might end up a bit differently than we are led to believe.

One of the problems, of course, is that the very reason the ranchers are calling for the surrender of the land to the States (and let’s not kid ourselves, ultimately to themselves) is the exact reason the Government owns it in the first place. All brought about by the saga of one particular State – California – and it’s 1850 land grab.

Of course back then… nobody wanted the land anyway…

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