Chicken in the Lemonade

B9317510971Z.1_20150527182956_000_GM8AR9NSH.1-0People who Dave is not include the weird, resurrected Kentucky Fried Colonel, filmmaker and liberal Michael Moore, and the DiTech Guy.

A Bay Area man almost pulls off the ultimate Stolen Valor Scam. He got caught on the deck of the USS Hornet in Alameda.

There is a problem with the whole Bruce/Cailtlyn Jenner story, but it’s not whatever Bruce decided to do to become Caitlyn.

The FIFA Vice-President has iron clad proof that he is innocent of all the charges and proof (equally iron clad) that this is all the USA out to get him over our failed 2015 World Cup bid.

Yellowstone National Park has recommended that you stay at least 25 yards away from the Bison. Why? Because it turns out that Bison are faster than you…

And Der Mayor pitches his fraudulent “Safety Tax” again. He knows that he is misleading and this this is a General Fund tax that is about REVENUE, not SAFETY. But.. if he can get just 50%+1 of voters to believe him…

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Sea Stories Tuesday:Red Star Rogue

resstarrogueFor the first installment of “Sea Stories Tuesday,” we go back into the archive and talk with Ken Sewell, author of RED STAR ROGUE and ALL HANDS DOWN. These two books tell one grand story of the Cold War at its hottest. In 1968, two submarines were lost on opposite sides of the planet. On March 8th of 1968 in the Pacific, the Soviet K-129 was lost mysteriously no where near where she was supposed to have been. In the Atlantic, south of the Azores, theallhandsdown USS Scorpion sank on May 22nd after a special ops mission to monitor some Soviet ships acting strangely. But the story actually starts in January off of North Korea when the USS Pueblo is seized by North Korea.

Marine Sgt Rafael Peralta was killed in Fallujah in 2004. For his actions in grabbing a grenade to his body to save his fellow Marines, he was awarded the Navy’s highest decoration, the Navy Cross. But many felt (and still feel) that he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor. The family refused to accept his Navy Cross decoration until recently, when they decided that it was better to accept it and then carry on a old Naval tradition with it…

downloadOver the weekend Dave met author David Forsyth, who has written an exciting book, RETRIBUTION about an SSGN, the USS Florida. He plans to write more, and his story of how he started writing could be inspirational to all of the folks who have ever thought, “Hey, I should write a book…”

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Tioga Pass

Ben runs up the rocks!

Ben runs up the rocks!

Dave and the family head out for the top of Tioga Pass in Yosemite, while the Duggar family heads out to an interview with Megyn Kelly on FOX news. One trip was a blast, the other promises to be an exercise in futility.

The State Senate President doesn’t want to talk about his hiring of two State Retirees to drive Drunk Senators home in the middle of the night. But he does want to get on his soapbox and whine about One Person One Vote, which is basically his own power structure.

The GOP has an opportunity here to really unite the base and show what they believe. Will they take it? Not a chance. But in the process, Dave discovers why he disagrees with Ron Paul (and by extension, Rand Paul).

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Sepp Blatter

It’s Friday and it’s Ben last day ever in Pre-school. Dave isn’t sure how to react to that.

As it turned out, there was no 9.0 Earthquauke

Ich habe Möglichkeiten, die Sie lieben Fußball

Ich habe Möglichkeiten, die Sie lieben Fußball

All good Americans hate soccer. And the FIFA money laundering scandal would rock that hatred to the core if Americans cared about it, which they don’t. In fact, the only thing that matters about the scandal is that the main characters name is Sepp Blatter. If that isn’t an evil arch-nemeses Doctors name, we don’t know what is.

The Duggars story got even worse yesterday – if that was really possible – when the former (he’s retired, by the by) State Trooper who gave the Josh the “stern talking too” before he was convicted (twice) of possession of Child Porn, says that Jim-Bob Dugger, Politician-at-Large, lied to him about the number of times Josh assaulted his sisters “and others.”

One Person – One Vote heads to the Supreme Court to decides what exactly “One Person” means. It’s technical, it’s boring and it could both help and hurt the GOP in California.

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The Spin Doctors


The Convention Part 3 – The Spin Doctors

1771_Pennsylvania_Packet_Oct28The Convention finally gets underway. First things first, rules have to be established and agreed upon. Then the business of reforming the Government can get rolling. The first presentations take on the problems the nation confronts, including the biggest danger facing America.

The local Newspaper want a story, and somebody, just who isn’t exactly clear, is giving them one.

George Wythe and his rules committee approve two special rules that will serve to insure secrecy and flexibility. 

As an add-on for Constitution Thursday, I have compiled for you a couple of PDF Documents which contain the biographies of the 55 Delegates who participated in the Convention. It is a rather large file (18MB) and is nearly 400 pages in length, but it provides a quick reference for the men involved in this discussion. You can download CONSTITUTION THURSDAY – The Delegates HERE.

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