Two Hundred Twenty Seven Years and Counting

Happy Constitution Day! Two Hundred and twenty-seven years ago, the Convention finished its work and signed the Document they meant to present to the nation. It wasn’t the end of the debate, it was the real beginning, as those few and special men finally finished their work, now it had to be debated and discussed and ratified by the people. Take a few minutes today and read through the Constitution, visit CONSTITUTION THURSDAY on the web or on Facebook, and see if there are still lessons for us today.

The Minnesota Vikings did the only thing that the could do late last night when the RE-DEACTIVATED ADRIAN PETERSON. The only thing that the Vikings owner got right in his presser this morning is that he made a mistake yesterday in re-instating Peterson. Look, this is NOT a Court of Law, and to date, AP has been indicted, but not convicted of anything fromĀ  legal standpoint. But the gridiron is not a Court of Law, it’s a Court of Public Opinion and in that Court, the Vikings were hurting themselves, insulting millions of fans, and causing the NFL as a whole major headache. Every now and again, some Congressweasel gets the idea to ELIMINATE THE TAX EXEMPT STATUS of Pro Sports, in this case targeted the NFL, and these types of stupid moves like the Vikings made, just raise the profile for politicians who believe that they can best get re-elected by “taking a stand” against the league. My best guess is that is won’t be long before the Panthers and the 49ers follow suite with their problem athletes.

I would be surprised if anything new or “explosive” comes out of THE HOUSE BENGHAZI HEARINGS which started this morning. The left will claim that the hearings are “politicized,” and then do everything that they can to politicize them. The right will claim that they are not politicized, but do everything that they can to use the hearings against Hillary Clinton (and they should). At the end of the day, until and unless we know why, on the one day of the year that every American Ambassador in a PLRI country should be quietly secured in a protected bunker, ours went to n unsecure, possibly even unguarded “Consulate” (a rented villa) in the heart of PLRI terrorist control, we won’t be anywhere near understanding why what happened, happened.

In Scotland, polls show that the pro-Independence side and the Unionist side are running neck-and-neck and it’s too close to call. But is that really the case? What if the pro side is so violent and intimidating that the UNIONISTS ARE KEEPING QUIET UNTIL THEY GET TO THE POLLS? This, by the by, would not be without some historical precedent. In our battle for Independence, those who were against us or perhaps not as fervent as the Patriots thought that they should be about it, were treated with disdain and intimidation, INCLUDING DISARMING THEM. So while the polls might be close, we’ll have to wait another day to see what the real feeling of the Scots are. One has to wonder though, what happens if the Unionists win?

A Big Thank You

I wanted to start with a huge “Thank You” to the two listeners who were able to help me with the problem my wife and I had yesterday afternoon with San Joaquin Mental Health. Believe me, it was very helpful and very much appreciated. I can’t say enough how much it means to me to be able to ask for real help when we need it and to get that help. At some point in the future, I will have a lot to say about the whole mental health system and how a typical family gets to deal with both the mental illness and the maze of treatment, but not today. I have to get through the whole thing and let it heal a bit before when can go down that road. Thank you again. Also a big Thank You to all of you who have texted and Messaged me with your prayers and thoughts. It means a great deal to Cami and I that so many of you care, and we draw strength and encouragement from that. Thank you again.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful and beloved mother. I love you, Mom!

By now you should have heard that John Gunderson is going to be on the show at 4pm today. Yep. THAT John Gunderson.

Much happening in Sacramento these days, what with Jerry Brown SIGNING THE GROUND WATER REGULATION bill today at 10m, ex-Senator Rod Wright RESIGNING FROM THE SENATE – after one more week of pay, and the “AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT BILL” set to have demonstrations to “encourage the Governor to sign it,” things seem weirder than ever in the Capital. Oh, and don’t forget that the Governor also signed a waste of time bill to “REMOVE THE LANGUAGE OF PROP 187 from the law which was overturned and isn’t in effect. That’s right, the legislature (and Rod Wright, Ron Calderon and Leland Yee) got PAID plus they got tax free per diem to debate and pass a bill to change the language of a bill that IS NOT IN EFFECT. And the Goobernor signed it.

For those of you who follow the Oakland A’s, the Sacramento RiverCats have FILED THE PAPERWORK TO TRANSFER THEIR AAA AFFILIATION to the SF Giants. The presumption is that the A’s will move their AAA affiliation to Nashville, which is a great city but a heck of a long way away. On the plus side, for people like me, this will make the Stockton Ports far more important in the pantheon of A’s affiliates, which should see a lot more rehabs and training issues.

Now we are told – via yet another study – that Women are “VASTLY UNDER-REPRESENTED ON CITY COUNCILS” around the State. Here we go again with another Measure N-esque push to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist. The reason women are “under-represented has nothing to do bias or men doing their best to keep women out of politics. t has to do with voting and the fact that women could – if they decided to do so – actually vote just for women candidates, regardless of actual qualifications and win easily. The real reason that there aren’t more women on City Councils is citizen apathy and disinterest, which isn’t going to be solved by changing election rules.

Some of you disagreed with my assessment of the Adrian Peterson’s situation yesterday, and that’s cool. Remember, as the Rabbi’s teach, if we agree on everything than one of us is unnecessary. I remain firm in my conviction that a grown man beating a child with a stick is a coward. Believe me, I get the frustrations and irritations of being a parent. But there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to hit a child with a stick. Period.

If you still feel the need to explain to me why I am wrong about that, eMail me HERE.


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