Another Mass Shooting You WILL Hear About

Dave got up really early today, knowing that there was going to be some headlines about the stabbing yesterday in Sacramento involving one of the French Train Heroes. There were headlines, but they were about another mass shooting at a University in Arizona. And they prove Dave’s Wednesday point about the political agenda’s behind which shootings get reported and which one’s don’t.

IMG_9851This morning’s sky was just awe inspiring and reminds us that “the heavens declare the glory of G-d, the sky proclaims His handiwork.” (Psalm 19:2) EDITORS NOTE: Dave misidentifies the second planet. It is Jupiter, not Mars

The stabbing of one of the French Train heroes was not a terrorist incident, nor was even related to anything other than a bar altercation. In fact, if the victim hadn’t been Airman 1/c Spencer Stone, we would never even have heard about the fight and stabbing.

Congressman McCarthy’s sudden withdrawal from the Speakers race might be related to his personal conduct, or it might be that he really thinks that he cannot unite the Party. In either case, is it possible that an outsider might be the solution to the issue?

Special Guest Fire Marshall Ben joins Dave to talk about what he learned yesterday at Kindergarten when the local Firemen came to school to talk fire safety.

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Constitution Thursday – The Federal Farmer

Federal-Farmer-Observations-_titleThree weeks after the convention ends, one of the first of the many letters debating the proposed Constitution appears in published newspapers. The discussion will revolve around whether the Nation should remain as it is, a confederation of thirteen sovereign republics, or if it should move to a single central government.

Already dividing lines are being drawn between those who favor the new Constitution and those who fear that it goes too far and takes too much away from the individual States.

By this point, virtually every newspaper in the country has printed a copy of the proposed Constitution, allowing every citizens to read it or at least hear it, and to discuss it among themselves. This is the moment when every man will have to decide for himself under what impressions he will act.

For this first, and perhaps only time in all of history, the People are asked to decide their form of government, not just who will be the leaders.

And the debates, are just beginning.

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The Mass Shooting Yesterday You Didn’t Hear About

NYT - Officials at the scene of a fatal shooting at Grattan Street and Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

NYT – Officials at the scene of a fatal shooting at Grattan Street and Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

Did you know that there was another “mass shooting” yesterday? This one on the streets of America’s premiere city. Why haven’t you heard about it? Why hasn’t the President pounded his podium and complained about being angry? Why hasn’t Hillary proclaimed that she will forever end such violence? Why haven’t Liberal Congressmen accused “gun nuts” of committing another mass shooting? The answer is simple: because this mass shooting – which WILL be counted as such in the stats –  doesn’t fit the political agenda and it proves the one thing about “gun control” that liberals can’t hide.

Did you know that this will be the final podcast ever? That’s because the world will end today in a giant ball of Biblical misinterpretation and fire.

You know that the “meeting” between Kim Davis and the Pope was played up by her lawyer into something that it was not. But did you know why and how many times he’s done this before? I really don’t care what your political position is on a given issue, but if you are going to invoke G-d as the reason for your position, you’d better be 100% honest. Otherwise, you’re no different than the guy predicting that the Earth will be destroyed today.

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Photo Courtesy of Jeff Reed

Over the weekend, a young girls life was saved via the miracle of a heart transplant. No matter what else happens today or yesterday, it’s important to understand that Organ Donations save lives and make it possible to literally have life, from death. It’s a sad day when someone loses their life, particularly a young person. But how many others can be saved or have their lives improved? That’s is what DONATE LIFE is all about.

After a weekend of contemplating Umpqua, what – if anything – have we learned? For certain we’ve learned that politicizing an issue means that everybody is pretty much guided by emotion and not logic. Rich Paloma joins Dave to talk about California’s SB 707, which would ban even CCW carry on a school grounds.

Mental Health issues are most certainly a key element of the violence, so why aren’t we doing more about getting better and quicker treatment for people with those issues? Is it ignorance or an unwillingness to even discuss the issues?

Colin Kapernick is having some serious struggles this season – struggles that Dave both predicted and worried about years ago. He has the tools, what is missing is the Teams commitment to helping him develope those tools into what he could be – a top flight NFL quarterback.

Bonus – The Story Dave wanted to open the show with but turned out to be satire. Alas…

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rts2o58Yesterdays Umpqua Community College Shooter claimed to be a “Conservative Republican” who was fascinated with the Irish Republican Army (a terrorist organization) and hated organized religion. Most of the media and people who hate/fear guns are focused on the first, but ignoring the latter. Why? He allegedly singled out Christians and those who were not or would not admit to being so he shot in the legs. While we are pretty sure that he himself is not PLRI, why did he adopt what is clearly a PLRI tactic?

So who was this guy? He is a veritable mystery wrapped in contradictions and smothered with secret sauce…

As for the “Gun Free Zone” controversy, the simple fact is that despite whatever laws Oregon may or may not have, the College itself declared that no guns were permitted – except with its own written permission. I am just guessing here, but I am willing to guess that the number of “written exemptions” tot he no guns policy in effect yesterday, was – in round numbers – zero.

The Presidents comments portend “executive” action on guns,” but at the end of the day, what does that actually mean? No President would truly believe that they could – with the stroke of a pen – ban guns from citizens.

In Syria, the Russians have taken the lead and begun their campaign to strengthen Assad. Why are they doing this and what about the US response? Moreover, why is this causing a kerfuffle in the Arctic?

The meeting between Now-A-Bigoted-Hateful-Republican Kim Davis and the Pope may not have been all that her people claimed that it was…

Speaking of playing politics, the Congress yesterday blocked a VA Spending bill. Why? Because they’re all mad over over spending, not the VA. Get it? Neither do I…

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