Constitution Thursday 2015

Episode 2 – Titles of Nobility

Nobility-rank-coronets-nobility-crownsWhat is the opposite of “slavery?”

It’s not actually “freedom.” The Founders weren’t fighting for freedom, they fought for Liberty. So what is the difference?

The prohibitions contained in the Constitution allowed for the abolition of all forms of slavery, by prohibiting ex post facto laws, enshrined the writ of habeas corpus and prohibited Titles of Nobility. In all, these things did more to secure and protect liberties than anything that was contained in the State Constitutions under the Confederacy.

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To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save Link As…”

The Keystone of the Veto

keystone_pipeline_routeThe President delivers his Veto message for S 1, The Keystone XL Pipeline bill, and it is an affront not to the jobs or desires of the American people, it is an affront to the Constitution of The United States. Congress meanwhile is running for cover regardless of what they say that they are going to do.

The debate over the VA Secretary’s words continue to cause hard feelings and confusion. Was what he said to a homeless guy – who, by the by, was also most likely lying – really worth all of this? Or have we become so “participation trophy” oriented that even the word “special” has to be redefined?

The San Joaquin County Board does something right, and the Plastic Bag ban runs into 550,000+ registered voters who say, not so fast…

The Stockton Thunder are going away, what will be the name of the team that replaces them?

To Download this podcast, "Right Click" and "Save Link As..."

To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save Link As…”

The Loneliest Mayor in Town

The Lonely Mayor chats up the ladies

The Lonely Mayor suavely chatting up the ladies

The Clown Prince of Stockton is feeling a bit lonely. And it’s all Google’s fault.

The City of Modesto is going to pay a restaurant owner $100,000 to move their place for the new Wünder Court House. That money comes out of the tidy little (and by that, I mean absurdly little) profit the City made on the deal because they already overpaid for the land to begin with.

Modesto also will propose not one, not two, but three City Managers. Blowing right through that “extra” $5.1 Million, I see…

Stolen Valor continues to be a major issue, and now the VA Secretary has joined right in. Is his faux pas enough to force him to resign?

In Siberia, sink holes are opening up the possibility of ancient and really cool biologics coming back to kill us all!

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To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save Link As…”

Dos Bürgermeister

Extreme Violence

Extreme Violence

Dave gets pretty fired up over rising gasoline prices, which were exacerbated this week by a Southern California gasoline refinery explosion (how convenient?).

The White House “Combating Violent Extremism Summit” ends up blaming Americans while asking other countries to “help out.” Oh, and you… the White House wants YOUR ideas for combating American Violent Extremism.

Der Mayor has an idea, let’s see if you can guess what it is? Yep. He wants to raise the sales tax again. If you thought Measure X was magical, wait until you hear what he proposes to do with this new tax increase!

Meanwhile send in the clowns. Payaso alcalde de Stockton managed to get himself into a situation… again… which, of course, is everybody else’s fault except his.

Major League Baseball says, “hurry up, you guys!” But as long as it’s not another 6 hour 9 Inning Yankees-Red Sox tilt, is baseball really that slow?

To Download this podcast, "Right Click" and "Save As..."

To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save As…”

That Pesky XVth Amendment Thing…


Section 1

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude —

Section 2

The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

February 3, 1870


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