Let’s Talk about Sex. And Football. But Mostly Sex…

Editors NOTE: Obviously… Adult Themes and Material on the show today…

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The Plastic Bieber is found dead in a Motel 6. Did the Bieber Mafia get to him? More to the point, who in the world gave this guy $100,000 to go and look like Bieber?

redA recent blog posts claims that 400 Pastors and other Church Leaders nationwide will resign this weekend over the Ashley Madison affair. What’s the real problem though? A web site that facilitates sex or the unwillingness of our society to even talk about sex?

The latest on the Kaufmann Murder has Woody moved to another jail as he “cooperates” with the Prosecution. Kaufmann’s body may have been mutilated in an attempt to hide his identity. The problem is that won’t work. Meanwhile the attempt to make a circus of the proceedings continues. Dave sees some odd similarities between Frank Carson and Vester Flannigan, the Virginia shooter. Both of them are utterly incapable of accepting any responsibility for their own actions. And the more we learn about the Virginia killer and his personality, the less surprised we are by his actions.

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Constitution Thursday – Life, Liberty and Property

As August fades into September, General Washington is feeling pretty upbeat about how things are going. At least one delegate believes that they will be done “in three weeks time.” Others aren’t so ready to finish things without getting their say. Every attempt to resolve the matter of the Presidency is met with an objection and a move to delay.

Soon enough, the Committee on Postponed Parts will have their hands full trying to resolve everything that has been postponed.

life-liberty-propertyIn the meanwhile, the Convention seems to, for the first time, consider why a new form of Government is needed, beyond the Randolph outline of so many weeks ago. The principles that underlie the nation are Life, Liberty and Property. There is general realization that a stronger central government is the best guarantee of those. watching what is happening in Rhode Island has convinced them that left to themselves, the States will not provide those protections.

With that in mind, the Delegates take up the Judiciary and the power of the States over commerce, money and contracts. They believe that the federal Governments control of these items, among others, will provide the best guarantee of Life, Liberty and Property.

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Keeping My Back to the Wall

hero_wide_640This morning’s news of a deadly shooting in Roanoke, VA has the entire country on edge and chatting. But when did we reach the point where killing another human being became a rationale response to our own problems?

The Judge in the Kaufmann Murder has denied bail to Frank Carson and the two Atwal brothers. Recent developments include the news that Kaufmann’s body was initially buried in a field next to the Pop’N’Cork Store owned by the brothers. And while Carson continues to proclaim his innocence, is it reasonable to conclude that he has absolutely no knowledge or information about a murder that happened on his property? If he really is innocent, why is he working so hard to obscure the matter rather than help solve it?

Stephen Hawking has a new theory about Black Holes and it’s mind blowing. Or at least very confusing, in a “I’m not a scientists and don’t even play one on TV” kinda way. But at the end of the day, it reminds us that every human life matters and the bigger the universe gets, the more special each life is.

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What Would I Have Done?

A PLRI terrorist attack on a French Train was stopped by three Americans. The terrorist survived the attempt, and now he claims that he is not a terrorist, but a simple robber who just happened to find an AK-47, a pistol and a box cutter knife in a park and decided to flash back to 1880’s and the American Old west to rob a train. He failed in his attempt, but he is dumfounded that anybody would confuse little ‘ol him with an actual Islamic terrorist. The Americans have been awarded the French Legion of Honor, but it also leave all of us with the question: what would I have done?

Otto von Kim JongNorth Korea has surged some fifty of its submarines, causing a great deal of alarm and unease, even as the Chinese stock market collapses and takes other markets down with it. Over the weekend, Dave finally caught a documentary he’s been waiting to see for some time, and that film, Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang, leaves him wondering what we might be talking about today instead, if Dennis Rodman didn’t have a drinking problem?

The Birthright Citizenship debate continues. Fine. Some of those who didn’t actually listen to what Dave said about the practice continue to bombard him with the opinion that “under the jurisdiction thereof” means a foreign power. Which is fine. Two Supreme Court Justices agreed with them (Fuller and Harlan). And lost, 7-2. That doesn’t mean that we cannot change the practice, but before we do, we better make sure that we follow the Constitutional Procedure for doing so and we’d better make sure that we fully understand the opinion and what effects it might have to reverse it. But mainly, we need to stop assuming that a dissent is the law. It’s not.

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A Shot to the ‘Nads

13-jordany-valdespin.w529.h352.2xDave’s Friday gets off to a weird and painful start, when a co-worker makes an observation about his wife, and his son starts playing “Ninja” with his school friends.

Frank Carson is told that he cannot continue to represent a murderer in court while he is still in jail. It’s just more of the circus atmosphere that Carson is both cultivating and wants to create around his own murder case.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Anchor Baby rules, which is good. The bad part is that some people, among them leading Talk Radio hosts, are being either intentionally misleading or they are flat out ignorant.  If it’s the latter, then they need to be set straight. If it’s the former – and it is – don’t you have to ask yourself why they are being intentionally misleading? At least one national Chat Show Host keeps claiming that the Supreme Court “has never considered” birthright citizenship. This is untrue, as anybody with a research staff and computer can see for themselves.

Modesto has a Homeless problem, so does your city. Modesto also had a Blue Ribbon Commission to find solutions to the problem. So does your city. Of course, that was five years ago, and nothing has changed. Why not? Because the solutions to the problem won’t work. Modesto wants more money to provide “Safer Neighborhoods,” presumably to include less homeless at the parks, and a Judge says that Measure G can go ahead because even if it is bogus it’s too late to get changes to the printer.

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